Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things I've Found Funny Recently

1. The Easter bunnies for sale at Cracker Barrel. Some of them are ugly. Some of them look like militant generals in a Pastel Army. And some of them look like it's highly probable they worship the devil when no one's looking.

2. The way Starshine plays Guitar Hero. He jumps forward every time he hits a note. I'll have to film it sometime and post a video.

3. Being asked what I do in my spare time. (Umm...let's see...spare time...yes, yes, I think I remember what that means...hold on...1993...ah, yes, it's all coming back to me now.)

4. Watching Hilary Clinton work up a tear on national television over the election. She doesn't show emotion over her husband's affair with a college-age intern but losing a primary in Ohio...that's worth crying over. Sheesh.

5. The game "Imaginiff".

6. My attempt at "real" bowling, sans bumpers. Oh wait...I wasn't the one who found that funny...

7. The book PLUM LUCKY. Not as hilarious as some of the others in the series, but entertaining enough.

8. The idea for a high speed chase (in an upcoming book series with Lilly and J.J. and the fainting goat Earl) where Lilly is riding a souped-up tractor.


  1. "And some of them look like it's highly probable they worship the devil when no one's looking."
    LOL, that description alone cracks me up, hahah.

    And Starshine has skills if he can actually move while playing that game, I start to sway and all of a sudden I'm hitting the wrong buttons lol.

    Souped up tractor+high speed chase+ fainting goat= tres amusing.

    And for some reason I'm not finding any of the newer Plum books that funny, and same goes for the characters except for Lula and Granny they slay me, lol, but Stephanie, grrr, I keep hoping she'll learn from past mistakes and become a bit competent but that doesn't seem to be happening.

  2. Yes, the Stephanie character is in a rut. And I really am tired of every single "villain" being just a silly caricature of true evil. None of them are actually scary to me. I get that the whole "non-scary, kind of funny" villain works for the type of novel she writes, but come on...a Jersey mobster who doesn't just pull a gun and say, "Give me the money or die?"

    Get real.

    Still, Grandma and Lula are really hilarious.

  3. Agreed, I think the only scary villain was the Boxer in the first few books, none of the others even really stick in my mind anymore aside from the funeral director and that's just because he seemed like such a random choice.

  4. That Boxer freaked me out. *nods*

    I don't think I made it past number 8 or so before I lost interest. (or got distracted by something else :D amounts to the same thing)


  5. It's unfortunate, because she writes comedic adventure well. I don't care for her newer series at all (Motor Mouth and whatever the second one is called).

    They felt like poorly done copies of the Plum series - change locations, change names, recycle some jokes and POOF - a new series.


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