Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday's List

1. Talk about doing this first thing on Monday. It's 12:36 a.m.

2. Just got home from watching Jumper with Kailani.

3. Would have been a great movie if you removed whiny Rachel Bilson and wooden Hayden Christensen.

4. I am, once more, irritated with my computer/email/technology in general.

5. My friend and I have debated the merits of goat's milk as an acceptable form of liquid refreshment and concluded that few beverage options could possibly be worse.

6. Anything coming from a bison comes to mind.

7. Well, ewww. I just grossed myself out.

8. Moving on.

9. As per our most recent survey, it looks like most of the readers here are die-hard C.S. Lewis fans. Can't blame anyone for sticking with the master.

10. Made more lolcat pics. Here's a link to one: lolcat

11. Told you I was becoming an addict.

12. My laundry is now manageable again.

13. Shouldn't take my boys long to fix that.

14. Katy, feedback arrives today (although much later today since I'm off to bed in a second).

15. Yay for leopard print shoes!

16. I was going to say "Yay for leopard print anything" but then I stopped to consider all the many clothing options and thought better of it.

17. I think we can all agree that what looks amazing on shoes would look ridiculous on tube tops or overalls.

18. The South, I'm sorry to say, has an abundance of both.

19. Tube tops and overalls, I mean.

20. And, most unfortunately, many of those are for men. At least many of the overalls are. I've never understood the fascination.

21. But whatever.

22. I need to have a really productive week. I want to finish SHADOWING FATE and start the next book in the now 5 book series (and I'll need two more titles, natch).

23. Also, again, most unfortunately, I need to clean my shower.

24. Perhaps my oldest can do that chore for me.

25. It's time to break him in. *cackles evilly*

26. I'd ask Daredevil and Starshine for assistance but one look at the walls of their room tonight and I can promise you they have hours of scrubbing ahead of them that have nothing to do with a shower and everything to do with testosterone and poor impulse control.

27. Paul moves into his condo Tuesday so I have to finish Juan Pedro's photo shoot tomorrow and get my stupid email account to actually receive the emails I send. Novel concept, I know. At least to yahoo.

28. Right, then. Off to bed for now.


  1. #3 - well darn, we had high hopes for Hayden, I guess we can't blame his acting on George's bad dialog?

    #14 - Hooray for feedback! (not that I can do anything with it right away *laughs* But yay feedback!)

    #17 - hmmm leopard print overalls ... I'm not seeing it. :D

    #22 - incentive to finish SF, when you do I'll send you what I've done on the fireman story, but not until then. *grins*

    Random unnumbered comment - I keep thinking of you when I see the new silly Holiday Inn "hot breakfast bar" commercials. Which is odd since neither of us are single, but they make me laugh. (you'll have to look for them on youtube or something if you haven't seen them :D )

  2. Nope. Can't blame Hayden's acting on George anymore. He's like a young Kevin Costner and that is NOT a compliment.

    He and Rachel had ZERO chemistry and I was annoyed with them the entire time.

    What's sad is that the beginning of the movie had a 15 year old version of both Rachel and Hayden's character's and those two actors were utterly engaging, interesting, and had chemistry to spare. Should have just stuck with them.

    And I'll have to check out those commercials. =)


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