Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday's List (on a Tuesday)

1. Hmm...

2. And here I thought I had plenty to say.

3. I've got some advice for Paul!


5. Moving on.

6. Spent Saturday at the zoo with the kids because hubby had to host the station-sponsored annual egg hunt there. We do this every year.

7. Thankfully it didn't snow this year like it did last year.

8. That was freaking miserable.

9. Daredevil had an interesting run-in with a large catfish in the aquarium.

10. I'll blog about it soon.

11. Had a Girl's Night Out (yes indeed, those get capitalized) last night at Logan's with 6 of my friends.

12. Good times.

13. Really amazing bread.

14. *wipes drool off chin*

15. My definition of "clean" and my children's definition of "clean" are about as far apart as say...Tibet and South Dakota.

16. That's because I do not consider hiding dirty socks, wadded up paper, half-built lego cities, and rock-hard fig newtons behind your bed in an effort to make the visible floor look spotless to be an acceptable form of cleaning your room.

17. My children disagree.

18. I win.

19. I'm going to invent a litter box with a door that automatically shuts behind the kitty once said kitty enters the box and does not open again until said kitty's business is done.

20. This is to ensure that said kitty's business end does, indeed, face the inside of the box where there is actual cat litter, rather than hang out of the entrance, depositing nasty kitty surprises for the unsuspecting woman to discover while walking into her laundry room in bare feet.

21. Kailani posted a blog listing the top 25 bands/artists of all time (in her humble opinion).

22. My own list would look quite different. (No Dave Matthews Band, for one)

23. Maybe I'll do that one day...

24. Well, I have chapters to write and laundry to wash.

25. Be sure to steer clear of goats.


  1. LMAO. I have to steal that icon when I get home.


  2. My humble opinion eh? =) haha Linkin Park stinks. Just thought I'd let ya know ;)
    Love you and that ya for the plug buddy, see you in a few hours!

  3. Ahh, perhaps I should have said your "not-so-humble-opinion"? ;)


    And I never said Linkin Park would make my top 25. I think I distinctly said they wouldn't.

    But you and I disagree on matters of musical taste...I hated Cedar Road last night and you wanted to buy their cd. And they STINK. :)

    Good thing we love each other regardless of what's playing on our ipods and who we're voting for in November, eh?


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