Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Golden Heart Announcement

I didn't tell anyone on this blog about this before now because

a) I was focused on the Amazon contest and

b) a girl has to work to preserve her air of mystery

but the truth is...I entered DYING TO REMEMBER in RWA's Golden Heart contest back in November.

The Golden Heart is the highest honor an unpublished author of one of the romance sub-genres can earn. Today RWA (Romance Writers of America) contacted those who made the cut as finalists in the Golden Heart and I am so thrilled to announce that my manuscript has earned a place as a finalist in the Romantic Suspense category.

If memory serves (I'll have to check the official list of all finalists once it goes up on RWA's site in the next day or two), there are between 5 and 8 finalists per category and one winner per category. The manuscripts will now be judged by editors which means that even if I don't win, I will still gain valuable exposure to acquiring editors within my genre.


The winners will be announced on the last night of RWA's conference this July.

The end of July.

So we have a long wait but I don't care. I'm really honored to be chosen. =)

Apparently, I have to send in an author pic...do you think they'd accept my red stiletto? ;)


  1. WoooooHooooo!!!!!!! You are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hbope you win. :-) I love you!

  2. Only if your feet are in the shoe. :D

    *hugs* I'm not getting tired of saying it! Congratulations!!


  3. Congrats!! If you do win what happens then?

    Man, that is a long time to wait, but it'll be worth it, do you get feedback even if yuo don't win?

  4. Jage -

    Yes, I get feedback even if I don't win. I'm really looking forward to that!

    Many Golden Heart winners get offered publishing deals by one or more of the editors who've read and judged their manuscript. Never hurts! Plus, no matter what, when I sell this book I can put "2008 Golden Heart Finalist" on the cover and that means something. ;)

  5. I am so excited for you! I'm sure the whole family is beaming.
    The boys ask yet what you'll buy them after you "rake in the mulah"? *wink*


  6. Congratulations!!! That's really great news. I hope you win!


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