Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sites of Interest

One of my favorite online clothing sites: gorgeous vintage-inspired looks here!

A blog I find truly inspirational: quiet reflection found here.

It's like Netflix for handbags: I like to own my accessories but I still find this fascinating.

A treasure trove of inspirational images: seriously cool photographs here!


  1. Oooh, I agree about the owning your own accessories aspect but I guess it works for people who want expensive items but can't afford them.

    My favourite online store is this one:

    I think it sells some of the same items as pinupgirlclothing since some of the brands looked familiar. Of course, now I have another place to look at things I can not afford, lol, though I really do love the vintage style pumps.

  2. I just discovered a few minutes before reading your comment! Lol. Katy posted a link on her lj and I was browsing...

    I think if I started renting hand bags I couldn't possibly afford to own, my friend would all question my sanity. =) My favorite ploy is to buy accessories that LOOK like they're expensive but in actuality are bargain-basement clearance.


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