Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday's List

1. I can't believe it's already March.

2. Thankfully, the weather is beautiful at the moment and makes it feel like spring is really here.

3. This is a middle Tennesse lie, of course, since last year it managed to snow in April.

4. I put up a new poll today. I love all four series but found it surprisingly easy to pick my favorite.

5. This morning I have that nagging "I'm forgetting something" feeling.

6. Hmm...

7. Nope, I'm wearing pants.

8. Must be something else.

9. The empty house beside us finally sold and our new neighbors moved in Saturday.

10. They seem very nice and their 5 year old little girl latched onto my boys and played outside with them all yesterday afternoon.

11. My friends Kailani and Amber are currently backpacking across Ireland.

12. I'm jealous.

13. Sort of.

14. I really want to visit Ireland.

15. I, however, do not backpack.

16. I do not consider strapping a fifty pound bag to my back and eschewing all forms of public or private transportation to be a vacation.

17. I put my contacts in this morning and one of the little buggers folded in half and slipped as far back and to the side of my eye as is possible to go.

18. It was not fun trying to get it out.

19. Paul moved into his condo and took Juan Pedro with him.

20. The house still feels a little empty without them.

21. I took an online quiz that said my weapon of choice would be a dagger.

22. Huh.

23. I really think my weapon of choice would be whatever was handy at the time.

24. My laundry, for once, is pretty manageable.

25. My house in general is pretty manageable.

26. If, of course, you take my advice and studiously avoid examining the boys' rooms.

27. :D


  1. I had the exact same contact lens incident this morning WHILE DRIVING. I wonder if we were struggling at the same time..9am-ish. Luckily, I was able to drive with one eye open until I got home. That was an adventure! Hope your day goes well. Maybe Paul will give the Redwine family weekend visits with Juan Pedro.

  2. Lol. I was putting my contacts in at 7 am. =)

    Paul refuses to call Juan Pedro by his given name. He keeps calling him "the suit of armor". I told him he'll hurt JP's feelings but Paul refuses to be amused...

  3. Oh, I just reread my post and it sounded like I was putting my contacts on in the car while, no I actually put them in at home and then it just did that spontaneous flipping thing and lodged itself way down in the corner of my eye, conveniently while I was on the road. Okay, now that that is cleared and you don't think I am some kind of irresponsible mommy driver. :)

    I wonder if Paul will one day refer to his own children as "skin and bones." :) (Just kidding, Paul. I am sure you will read this.) I am glad that the Redwines are intune with JP's feelings.


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