Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday's List

1. Looks like the battle for crunchy vs. smooth peanut butter is neck and neck.

2. I'm a "smooth" girl, myself.

3. Not that there's anything wrong with crunchy.

4. I'll tell you what's wrong: chunky stuff in jello.

5. That's just ewww.

6. Well, honestly, jello is just ewww for the most part.

7. And to think, after 20 something hours of labor with The Scientist (and absolutely NO food during those hours), the good nurses of Los Robles hospital saw fit to offer me orange jello for my first meal.

8. I just endured twenty-something hours of labor, another two hours of things I won't mention to repair the damage I sustained while birthing a child the approximate size of a bowling ball, and all I get is orange jello?

9. That's just wrong.

10. Another thing I recently discovered that is just wrong: Cracker Barrel now carries the original Nestle Crunch bar (because we're really into selling vintage candy).

11. Did you know that the original Nestle Crunch was chocolate with peanuts and raisins?

12. Raisins.

13. Nothing ruins a candy bar like shriveled grapes.

14. And speaking of shriveled grapes, my local movie theater recently dropped Hot Heads (the equivalent of Hot Tamales and the only candy I found to be worth eating) and replaced them with boxes of chocolate covered raisins bearing the apt title "Goobers".

15. Who goes to a movie and craves raisins? Goobers, apparently.

16. If you are out there, do yourself a favor and don't admit to it.

17. Starshine quote of the weekend: My hubby was understandably frustrated with Starshine's refusal to clean his room when the rest of the family was busy getting the house ready for company. When he finally lost his temper, he told Starshine "You haven't cleaned Jack today!"

18. To which Starshine yelled back, "I don't even know Jack!"

19. At which point I ruined my hubby's efforts at discipline by laughing. Loudly.

20. Starshine was sorry to realize that, all mirth aside, he was still required to clean his room.


  1. Heh. From the mouths of babes...


    Chunky stuff in jello is pretty gross.


  2. Chunky jello is gross.

    But *whispers* I love Goobers.


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