Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday's List

1. Last week's poll placed the majority of this blog's poll-answering readers squarely in the "candy AND popcorn" camp thus vindicating C.J.'s theater choices in the face of Paul and my hubby's stubborn refusal to eat anything at all.

2. Watch a movie on the big screen without munchies? It's just unnatural.

3. As are goats.

4. But I digress.

5. Yesterday at lunch, the Scientist began asking deep, thoughtful questions about marriage (like "Why do some men choose to marry good, smart women and some just marry women who are dumb but pretty?) which sparked a discussion on marriage and the importance of choosing wisely.

6. Halfway through the Scientist's pontifications on eternal love and the wisdom of being careful whom you date, Daredevil opened his mouth and said -

7. "When I grow up and get married and she dies, I'm not going to get married again. I'm going to lay around in my own bed making my own choices!"

8. At which point Starshine clued in to the fact that the family was, indeed, having a discussion and it was not just the voices in his head and said, "I like chicken."

9. The guys are throwing a "tool shower" for Paul tonight.

10. Some of their plans are cruel. Wildly amusing for the rest of us, true, but still...cruel.

11. I have complete faith in Paul's ability to wait patiently for the right moment to exact his revenge.

12. He sort of lives for that.

13. Juan Pedro has had a busy week! Two new posts up in case you missed them.

14. We all know how I detest green beans but I didn't realize how deep my aversion ran until I tried a visualization technique last night that involved imagining my least favorite food and slowly chewing a mouthful of said food (imagining taste, smell, and texture).

15. I gagged out loud twice and had to stop before any further gagging produced embarassing results.

16. I'm guessing that visualization techniques for those of us who live firmly in our imaginations on a daily basis might be overkill.

17. Did you know that at least once a week (generally in the presence of friends who are distracting me but who never quite see this happen), I take a drink, completely miss my mouth (distracted, remember?) and instead, toss the beverage down the front of my shirt?

18. In honor of the False Flushes post I put up yesterday:

19. And finally, a lesson I learned just last night:

20. When one brushes one's teeth directly before removing one's contacts, one would be well-advised to thoroughly rinse any traces of minty freshness from one's fingers before sticking them in one's eye.


  1. 16. I'm guessing that visualization techniques for those of us who live firmly in our imaginations on a daily basis might be overkill.

    Too true!! :D

  2. I'm mean. I know this because I laughed hysterically at the thought of you gagging out loud over imaginary green beans.

    And again over the image of you tossing a beverage down the front of your shirt.

    And once more at the idea of you sticking a toothpaste-coated finger in your eye.


    And Starshine is my hero.

  3. At least it was toothpaste and not jalepeno traces...that was painful.


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