Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Update

1. I'm a HUGE LJ slacker, that's what I am. *hangs head*

2. Took the kids to see Horton Hears A Who yesterday and, cheesy ending song non-withstanding, really loved it.

3. The kids are on spring break this week and of course allergy season hits so two of them are little balls of misery at the moment.

4. That translates into Mom being a little miserable herself as well.

5. Going to see Doomsday Wednesday night after work with Paul and Kailani.

6. My hubby washes his hands of those kinds of movies but I find them fun. (World-wide destruction from an incurable virus whose victims look like ill-fated experiments with acid, gravel, and alien parasites? Only one woman can save the world by kicking the butts of all the tattooed nasties who somehow survived but don't want anyone else to? Government officials stay in their towers tracking the spread of the virus but remaining incredibly immune to it themselves? Sign me up!! Hey - she drives a cool car and she can wipe the pavement with a man twice her size even while she's chained to a ceiling - what's not to love??)

7. Registered for RWA's conference in July. (Yay for Katy as a roomie!!)

8. Been talking back and forth with an editor about the project I entered in Amazon's contest but I really think that isn't going anywhere.

9. I will now formally stop all revisions etc. on DYING TO REMEMBER and finish the last few chapters of SHADOWING FATE for which an editor, an agent, and my critique partner have all expressed an interest in reading. :)

10. I just need to figure out how to kill something that doesn't actually exist...

11. I discovered that the local coffee shop makes the world's best peach smoothie.

12. Once the kiddos are back in school, I may have to head down there a few days a week to sip on peaches and kill what doesn't exist.

13. Once I figure out how...

14. If I don't get my dog groomed soon (long-haired black Chow, spring, white carpet...you do the math), I will be able to assemble a new dog from all the hair he is currently shedding.

15. That's a really gross idea.

16. I think vanilla ice cream is as boring as it gets.

17. I think if you're going to do the calories, they ought to be worth it.

18. Peanut Butter Moose Tracks flavor is worth it.

19. China is probably raising their orphanage bribe - oops! I mean fee by two thousand dollars in an effort to curtail international adoptions. (Never mind the fact that a million baby girls will still be abandoned every year. The important thing is that China save face and stop the international community from doing for their daughters what they ought to do themselves.)

20. This is a move which clearly demonstrates the Communist government's priority of money and image over a child's life.

21. I, for one, am not deterred in my quest to bring home my daughter by another measly $2000.

22. Maybe I'll set up a PayPal on my blog for anyone who wants to help us by donating.

23. Perfect strangers donate to my friend Kailani's travel fund through her blog, why not donate toward adoption?

24. Now to figure out how to set that up....

25. Never mind, that's what Paul and Kailani are for.


  1. "10. I just need to figure out how to kill something that doesn't actually exist..."

    With a weapon that doesn't actually exist. *nods* lol, because if it needs killing and it doesn't exist there must be something around that can do it. Or you can create one, no idea what the context of this is, but when I read that I thought of the mummy, nothing from this world could kill it so they had to use something supernatural, in their case the book of the dead.

    I do not understand why China is making it so difficult, they created a problem, people are dealing with it [not that little girls are problems, the fact that they're being abandonned is] and instead of tryingto save face adn make the process painless they're making it harder and gaining a bad name on top of it, add the whole drama over the soo8 Olympics and I can't wait for their government to get toppled, they're ridiculous.

  2. "With a weapon that doesn't actually exist."

    Oooh *eyes light up*, I really like that!! :)

    And yes, China's government has everything backwards and it is tragic for their people.

  3. Oh man! You found my ice cream stash that fast!? Wow...I'm impressed. :-)

  4. Lol - I personally love vanilla ice cream. I love all ice cream.

    China should be publicly shamed into changing their laws.

    And I love the idea of a weapon that doesn't exist!


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