Friday, March 7, 2008

Things I've Found Amusing This Week

1. Ryan Seacrest pronouncing "niche" as "neesh" on live t.v. last night.

2. Reminds me of the ever-pompous Alex Trebec pronouncing "Don Juan" as "Don Jew-an" for a Jeopardy clue and then defensively telling the laughing audience that "Jew-an" is the correct pronunciation for "Juan".

3. Bet that cleared things up for conflicted Hispanics across the globe.

4. Starshine playing Guitar Hero: total concentration and focus (for once!!) and he jerks his body forward every time he hits a long note.

5. The fact that everyone in my house seems to think that since they love to play Guitar Hero, I should love it too.

6. It just doesn't capture my interest.

7. The customer I had on Tuesday night who looked at our menu, pointed to a section and asked, "So, on these Weekend you only have those on the weekend?"

8. You will, no doubt, be proud of me for responding with a simple "Yes ma'am."

9. Never mind that it took me twenty seconds of silence to reject every other response that came to mind before I settled on "yes ma'am".

10. Sarcasm, no matter how justifiable, tends to have a negative impact on my tips.

11. That every male in my household is incapable of wearing socks with the slightest hole in them without either a)complaining mightily and demanding new socks or b) throwing them away and then complaining that they have no socks to wear.

12. Oddly, none of them feel the same way about holes in their pants, shirts, sweatshirts, or underwear.

13. My hubby for thinking a little thing like needing sleep would stop me from watching Lost on Thursday night.

14. The fact that no matter what I'm aiming for, I somehow manage to hit Paul in the eye with whatever weapon we're currently using...straw wrappers, carrots, balls of paper...until I use a weapon that would be truly interesting should it hit his eye (a wad of chewing gum) and then, of course, I miss.

15. Opening a Chadwick's catalog recently and seeing outfits I wore in junior high being touted as "chic" and "sophisticated".

16. The late 80's and early 90's were many things.

17. "Chic and sophisticated" are not one of those.


  1. I want the world to know that the sock in question was missing an entire heel!!!!! That, my lovely bride, is not a small hole! :-)

  2. I wouldn't know about those late eighties and early nineties because I was...lets see, 0-6 years old. You were?....senior citizen status yet? Close?

  3. Oh come on! Those super high bangs were so chic.

    *grins and runs*


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