Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday's List (on a Tuesday)

1. Funniest line from this weekend was Daredevil, commenting on his impending haircut: "I think I want to be bald, like Dad. Then I could look like a Rock Star!" (said with flair and a hint of sarcasm...I'm so proud.)

2. Starshine was extremely proud of himself for beating Slash on Hard in Guitar Hero.

3. If that makes little sense to you, join me in the Guitar Hero Losers category and we'll do lunch.

4. Paul returned the 9-4 to me this morning since I had a dentist appointment and needed my vehicle.

5. He returned it with two nearly full 2 liters of soda lying on the floor of the passenger seat.

6. He did not tell me this.

7. I discovered it as I was turning into traffic and suddenly had to contend with two nearly full 2 liters of soda under my feet.

8. I used Paul's name in vain.

9. Loudly.

10. I'm joining with some of the other Golden Heart finalists to offer a professional critique of an unpubbed manuscript in Brenda Novak's
Diabetes Auction.

11. This critique will not be for the faint of heart. =)

12. Saw Die Hard Numero Quatro this weekend.

13. If you discount the fact that nearly every action sequence had something totally improbable happen (a fire hydrant taking out a helicopter, a jet firing missiles into a high traffic bridge just to get one lousy semi...the list is fairly endless), and the fact that you don't get any real information on the motive of the bad guy until the movie is almost over, and also the ridiculous invulnerability McClane displays (15 FBI agents surrounding McClane all take a bullet or two while he remains miraculously unscathed! Twice! Oh no, three times! And even missiles and a collapsing bridge can't make a dent!), it's an entertaining movie.

14. Paul and Kelly's wedding is Friday which means I'm surrounded by cake, cake, and more cake as my hubby works on his masterpieces.

15. Having a small crisis (internally...externally I'm cool, baby, cool) on how/where/if to submit DYING TO REMEMBER.

16. The word in the literary community is that I've got momentum at the moment (along with all the other Golden Heart finalists) and should capitalize on it by submitting, submitting, submitting!

17. I agree - only I'm no longer sure I want this to be my first novel since I want to write paranormal instead.

18. What to do?

19. Going to guest blog on another finalist's site soon. I'll let you know.

20. Earlier I mentioned the 9-4. You'll recall that two weeks ago, Juan Pedro went cruising to his theme song "Rolling In My 9-4".

21. Because I am a goofball with a flair for poetry and a wierd sense of humor, I actually wrote a chorus for that song and sang it as a joke in front of my hubby and a few friends.

22. All of which turned traitor against me and decided I need to finish the song and do a youtube video.

23. The vision is me doing a rap song wearing some serious bling (grill included!) in front of the 9-4.

24. My hubby and his friend are extremely talented at mixing audio/video...check the sidebar for my kids' youtube video as proof.

25. The only problem that I can see with this whole idea is that I've never aspired to fame of the youtube variety and I truly don't think I could legitimately sport a grill.

20. And finally, from a newspaper article sent to me by a friend in the Knoxville, Tennesse area: The annual Miss Polk Salad pageant is coming soon!! Win a crown, a large trophy (yes, it does specify "large"), professional pictures, formal gown (who doesn't need a formal gown while making or eating polk salad?), roses, $400, and $50 for each official appearance during your reign. Dress for the pageant is "Sunday Best".

21. You have to love the South.

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