Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's List

1. The weather is gorgous today and the view as I walked around my neighborhood confirms that Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

2. I have a solid list of topics now for the Writing Process series I'm doing. I'll be posting those every Tuesday and Thursday.

3. Unless, of course, I post on Wednesday and Friday just to mess with you.

4. How is it possible to wash 33 pair of boys' socks on a Monday and run out by the following Monday?

5. Even with 3 boys using one pair a day, this does not make sense.

6. Unless you assume that my boys change socks throughout the day due to their propensity for paying strict attention to personal hygiene which I assure you couldn't be further from the truth.

7. It's been a few weeks since I purchased a new pair of shoes (strappy silver heels for Paul and Kelly's wedding) and I'm feeling the urge.

8. Need to reach a personal goal first, then I'll reward myself with shoes.

9. I've invited my Critique Partner (trust me, she deserves the capital letters) to comment freely on my writing posts because we have different approaches to writing and it's helpful to hear from more than one perspective.

10. I do not understand the urge to stake pastel-colored flags decorated with bunnies or bees into the dirt beside one's mailbox.

11. I really detest the taste and texture of Peeps.

12. I'm considering taking a kick boxing class this fall.

13. Might go see Nim's Island tonight with Kailani.

14. Saw Sweeney Todd this weekend and because I've always had a soft spot for a well done musical, loved it.

15. But then with Johnny Depp at the helm, it's hard to go wrong.

16. I think I might run another writing challenge here similar to the one where commenters left a first sentence and I turned it into a piece of creative writing.

17. That was fun.

18. Any suggestions are welcome. =)

19. I am a huge fan of the international cheese aisle at Costco.

20. And finally, do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketschup.


  1. Hmmmm cheese.

    *sighs* I'm at the Novelist's Event Horizon ... I can't get to the end of this book.

    (and I just realized I need to start that LJ dealy :D Doh!)

  2. If you love cheese, you should try "Dubliner" cheese from Ireland. It is truly amazing.

    Event Horizon, eh? You'll get there. Maybe taking a day or two to practice your kung fu on some hapless person will clear your mind and show you the way. =D

    Are we talking about the LJ thing online yet or is it in the "Keep it secret, keep it safe" mode?

  3. Eh, we could talk about it. :D Might motivate me to get my rear in gear.


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