Monday, April 21, 2008

Prepare To Die

I did it. Finally. Thanks to my hubby, who provided an excellent sounding board for my brainstorming session (especially considering that he hasn't read SHADOWING FATE yet, or maybe because he hasn't read it...), I know how to kill what doesn't exist.

I can finish the book.

My fellow writers will understand the weight that is lifted off my shoulders now. =)

Off to set up my characters for a chilling death scene and a twist that has ramifications for the entire series...


  1. Yes! His original suggestion got me thinking...and suddenly the light just went on and I thought, "Well, duh! It was there all along."


  2. Well that's just mean.

    I want to know what doesn't exist and how to kill it!!

    I want my Alexa book on the shelves!


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