Thursday, April 10, 2008


1. I recently remembered that I used to love Cheese Whiz.

2. What could be wrong with cheese in a can?

3. Don't answer that.

4. I reconnected with some of my former students (used to teach high school English) and two of them are married with children now and yes, that makes me feel old.

5. I'm proud of them.

6. I was browsing in Target the other day and discovered that jelly shoes have made a comeback.

7. I wore these in sixth and seventh grade.

8. They were on sale so I tried on a pair as a joke, discovered they were comfortable and bought them. In a pretty pewter gray.

9. Never thought I'd see the day.

10. Paul and Kelly get married a week from today!

11. That means this house will be wedding cake central for the next 7 days.

12. Plus Kelly's shower is at my house Sunday afternoon, which will be fun.

13. I placed a photo-op request for Juan Pedro with Paul, was promised results last week, and have nothing to show for it yet.

14. I might have to "borrow" JP for a while...

15. Paul and Kelly will be in Jamaica. They'll never know.

16. Here's a tip: If I am your waitress and you wish to have a pleasant dining experience, do not ask me to pick up the silverware you drop on the floor.

17. I am not your momma.

18. My kids are pretty awesome.

19. So is my hubby.

20. All I want for Christmas is a maid.


  1. I wonder...does Kelly's last name begin with W? I'm going to help out with at a friend's wedding next week and her daughter's name is Kelly. A coincidence? Maybe.

  2. Yes her name begins with W. Feris's daughter? VAW hall Friday night? =) I'm in the wedding so I'll see you there if it's the same Kelly W. =)

  3. Yes, it is! After I checked out Paul's blog, I realized how small this world is. I work with Faris; Paul knows our youth pastor, Amy, and some other people from church.
    Yes, I'll be helping in the kitchen.

  4. Cheese in a can.... Ahhhh! Just reaquainted myself with that delicacy last week after an absence of about 10 years. Had to quit after one can though. There's no 12 step meeting for it.

  5. Lol, jamn! Clint is doing the wedding cake and groom's cake and we're both in the wedding party. See you there!!

    Kim - I'd start a 12 step program but who in the world would want to quit?


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