Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week In Review

1. Thursday afternoon, someone backed into the driver's side of the Explorer while I was parked downtown.

2. In this case, "backed into" is a euphamism for "drove-like-Shoe-Carnival-was-offering-a-buy-1-get-3-free-on-all-pairs-of-stilettos".

2. Thankfully, that person was honorable enough to come find me and we filled out an accident report and all that joyousness.

3. Also thankfully, while the door is mangled enough that it won't seal when it's closed, the car is driveable.

4. We hear back on Monday from our insurance company as to rentals and body shops.

5. My in-laws came to town for a brief visit on their way to see other family members in South Carolina.

6. As they rarely see our kids and are thus unfamiliar with the particular joys of raising 3 boys, we subjected them to the seventh level of hell that is Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday night.

7. Found a new band I really like - Submersed.

8. Their current single, "Price of Fame", is one of those songs that grabbed me the first time I heard it and just gets better each time I listen.

9. Paul might relinquish the van when he gets his new car next week.

10. Then again, Juan Pedro loves cruising in the 9-4 so he may not.

11. My hubby has a birthday cake, four cakes for a decorating demonstration at the Southern Women's Show, a wedding cake, and a groom's cake to work on this week.

12. While I long ago got over even a hint of craving for cake, it does make the house smell nice.

13. I discovered that there are people who go to school to learn how to analyze deer poop.

14. I don't recall that being an option at Pepperdine.

15. I have to get my head shot done and sent off to RWA by Tuesday. Yikes.

16. I also need to polish up Alexa and re-write most of the last two chapters wherein I gave away too much information and then send it off to Katy.

17. Then I get the unmitigated joy of writing a synopsis.

18. I'd rather scrape wallpaper or pet a goat.

19. Okay, I'm lying about the goat.

20. You have to watch out for goats.


  1. #13...I think I might have to change careers...

    Do you regal your kids with stories of how awesome Chuck E. Cheese was when you were a kid, because it sucks now.

    What is it with you and goats? I find them cute.

  2. Actually, the CEC in our town has tons of really cool games the kids love and we can buy 180 tokens for $20 and have two hours of kid-free conversation while they run around earning tickets. =)

    I find goats' eyeballs to be disturbing. Plus they head-butt. And they eat anything you don't nail down. ;)

  3. Ooh, I know!! You can write it for me!

    If I beg and plead and offer you one of Paul's swords? I'm sure he'll donate to the cause. ;)

  4. *laughs* I'd possibly do it for a sword. Hmmm...tempting.

    Would have to be a good one though. :D



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