Friday, April 18, 2008

Week In Review

1. Paul and Kelly get married tonight. I'm really happy for them both.

2. Last night was their rehearsal dinner. We went to Shogun's, a hibachi grill.

3. We brought our kids.

4. Our chef was highly entertaining and while he was making fried rice, he tossed a ball of rice toward each of my kids, presumably aiming for their mouths.

5. The Scientist got a rice ball to the eye ball.

6. Daredevil ducked and we had to instantly restrain his impulse to throw something back at the chef. Especially since all he had at the moment was his fork.

7. Starshine stared straight at the chef while the ball of rice sailed over his head and then looked around and said, "What? What just happened?"

8. Next thing I know, Starshine is chewing a mouthful of rice. When asked where he found it, he vaguely pointed behind him and I wisely chose not to pursue that line of questioning.

9. No matter what the FDA and the Center for Disease Control might tell you about eating stuff off the floors, or washing hands, or not licking substances of a dubious nature on a dare, my children have proven to be pretty much indestructible.

10. The chef lit an onion on fire and Starshine said, "Ooooh, shiny!"

11. Then the chef spread three silver bowls out onto his grill, filled them full of whatever fluid he was using to promote flame, and lit them each on fire.

12. My children thought it was cool.

13. Daredevil was especially entranced, which was fine with me until the chef (proving that if he does have children, they must be girls) offered Daredevil one of the bowls.

14. We snatched Daredevil's hands away as he eagerly reached for his prize. We aren't quite ready to be known as the parents responsible for the destruction of middle Tennessee.

15. I was interviewed yesterday for our local newspaper re: DYING TO REMEMBER finaling in the Golden Heart.

16. The story will run in next Wednesday's paper.

17. Random fact about me: I always keep my toenails painted.

18. One never knows when one will need to wear a gorgeous pair of open-toe stilettos so one must always be prepared.

19. And finally, a picture of one of my hubby's recent cake designs:


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