Monday, April 21, 2008

Work In Progress

Current WIP: SHADOWING FATE - nearly finished. Would already be finished if I didn't obsessively rewrite every chapter before moving on. =D

Other writing projects: Writing Process blog series, DYING TO PUNISH - sequel to DYING TO REMEMBER, current Golden Heart finalist.

Agent search: Sent e-queries today for DTR to two agents: Ethan Ellenberg and Jessica Faust. Decided to use my momentum as a GH finalist to gain some attention for my career and hopefully find the right agent. My goal is to send out two queries a day this week and to sign up for an agent pitch spot at RWA's conference as well.

Future projects: Currently outlining TWISTING FATE, the second in the Alexa series, DYING TO SURVIVE, third and final in the DYING series, and beginning character sketches for the series following Alexa (which is, surprisingly enough, named already - shocking given my difficulty with titles, but I'm feeling fairly territorial over the name since a) it's very unique and b) it's an intricate part of the story so I'm not sharing). =)

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