Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday's List (on a Tuesday)

1. Yesterday we spent about 40 minutes at the Renaissance Festival before the heavens opened up and sent us enough rain to flood the area within 30 short minutes.

2. We literally waded out to our car.

3. *sigh* The good news is, leaving early prevented me from giving in to the temptation to buy this incredibly cool dragon wall sconce candle holder I fell in love with.

4. Naturally, I am surrounded with laundry (thankfully most of it clean!!) to deal with today.

5. I am currently revising the villain's scenes in SHADOWING FATE to make his motivation clearer and to introduce an additional level of "oh crap!".

6. The Scientist gets his tonsils taken out tomorrow and he's nervous.

7. I waited on a particularly unpleasant man this past weekend who (after demanding a magnifying glass and then asking what kind of restaurant doesn't keep magnifying glasses available - umm, ALL of them? - and then haranguing me constantly about the itmes on the menu) wanted to know if our special that night was all you can eat.

8. My reply: "If all you can eat is what's on the plate I bring out to you, then yes."

9. He didn't see the humor but then boorish morons so rarely do.

10. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: There are no circumstances (besides simply atrocious service - not food! We don't control the food! - service) under which $1 is an appropriate tip. I don't care if you ordered less than $10 worth of food and you're so behind the times you don't realize the going rate is 20%. I don't care if you're just one person. You took up the server's table when they could have had a party of 4 instead and while you don't have to tip to compensate for that, you do need to make waiting on you worth their while. $1 is cheap and insulting.

11. It's rainy today, much to my children's dismay, so we can't go to the pool.

12. I saw camels up close and personal yesterday.

13. Shifty creatures.

14. Just as likely to sit on you and spit in your general direction as to do anything you ask.

15. Noticed many women wearing fake animal tails yesterday at the RF.

16. One person would be eccentric. Two would be some sort of weird coincidence. A scattered crowd of tail wearers (some wearing more than one - perhaps conflicted over which forest creature they'd like to be?) denotes a trend.

17. I want it put on record that this is a trend I will not be embracing.

18. I found a really awesome cookbook this weekend at Borders and will be trying some of the new recipes this week.

19. Stuffed Shitake looks best to me but since my hubby and kiddos would rather eat sand than consume mushrooms, that will have to wait for a girl's night.

20. Finally, in honor of veterans, may I encourage all of us to treat those in military service (and those who have served in the past) with gratitude and respect. Let us not take our freedom for granted.

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  1. Ugh, I so feel your pain on public service. Gah, the horrible experiences I've had with people have shaped me into the pathetic hermit I am today. I despise Joe Public and never want to deal with him again. Nuff said.


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