Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors...

It's been a few months since my last pet peeves post. It's time.

1. People who walk up to you and ask how you are and then launch into all the drama in their own life before you have a chance to reply. I should just start charging people like that by the hour.

2. People who take their children to restaurants and then don't clean up after them.

3. Dancing With The Stars

4. Actually, most reality tv shows make this list.

5. Packages of candy that claim to be a fat free food, thus implying that consuming said bag of candy will have no detrimental effect on the size of my thighs.

6. Ugly shoes.

7. Self-doubt that sneaks up on me when I'm least prepared to deal with it.

8. Flowering plants that obstinately refuse to just GROW for the love of Pete. You're in dirt. There's sunlight. What more do you want from me??

9. Anyone who assumes that wearing a bra automatically confers upon me the ability to hem pants.

10. Stupid warning labels. Like the one that warns me not to use a table saw as a kitchen appliance. Or the one that says I shouldn't dry my hair in the shower.

11. The idiot judge who actually awarded cash compensation to the morons who used a table saw to slice their Easter ham or decided to be super-efficient with their time by bringing a hair dryer into their shower.

12. Speed limits.

13. Men who think that because I wear a bra, I'm agreeable to being called Sweet Thing or Darling.

14. Anyone who licks their hands while they eat. FYI: it's disgusting and is guaranteed to rapidly narrow down your social prospects.

15. People who take out their impatience/bad day/poor upbringing on store or restaurant employees.

16. Any mention of Hilary or Obama in the news. Enough, already. Play a game of rock, paper, scissors and give it a rest.

17. Green nail polish.

18. Semi trucks.

19. Flannel anything, with the notable exception of flannel sheets, which are one of the best inventions ever.

20. Radio stations that play the same list of songs every single hour.

Feel free to leave some of yours in the comments section. =)


  1. Memo to me - don't wear green polish on my toes to RWA.


  2. Lol. YOU can wear whatever you want. I, on the other hand, don't care to wear it. :)

  3. Ha. People who ask my age and expect an honest answer.

  4. #16 - I'm to the point where I can't stand either of them and I've surprised myself by deciding that of the three, McCain is the most sane.

    Never thought I'd vote for a Republican but there you have it.


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