Thursday, May 15, 2008

Week In Review

1. Lol. My Star Wars is showing...

2. Though actually, being able to kill someone with a thought is pretty cool.

3. Er, umm, for literature, I mean. And movies. Fiction. Strictly fiction.

4. Moving on.

5. Somehow it's Friday (well, if you want to get technical with me it's still Thursday but studies show that the opinions I hold on Thursday are 99.999996% certain to still be with me on Friday so I'm safe) and I feel like this week was a blur.

6. Let's see what took up chunks of my time:

Sunday: Mother's Day, taught Sunday school, went to church, was pampered by my hubby and kids, read a good book. Nice day.

Monday: I can't even remember Monday. It's been repressed.

Tuesday: Visit to my oncologist - why can't I repress that??! One year to the "cure" mark. Visit to B & N and a bag full of new books. Lunch with hubby. Work.

Wednesday: Mother's Tea with Daredevil at school, grocery store, work, exercise.

Thursday: housework, writing, sick kiddo, reading Katy's latest novel (that girl is an incredible well of creativity!).

Friday: sick kiddo home from school most likely, working a day shift for a someone which means hubby has to get here right after the morning show ends, possibly going to a later showing of Prince Caspian.

At least, that's how I assume Friday will go. Most days get at least one or two monkey wrenches thrown in so we'll see.

7. Can't wait to send out queries for SHADOWING FATE.

8. I'm very excited about this novel.

9. We had interesting dialogue in the comments section of "One Author's Journey to SOLD" post on whether book covers affect sales and perception of the genre.

10. I think they do. I've gone to the bookstore specifically looking for a few new paranormal books, for example, and avoided some based solely on their cover (never even read the back of the book). I also think some types of covers might trigger a "well that isn't serious/good/entertaining writing" reaction based on perception alone.

11. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion as a reader in the comments here: Do covers attract you to books/authors you haven't tried? Do you avoid certain books or genres based on the cover?

12. Dang it, I just realized I have a movie due back at Blockbuster tonight.

13. See? Monkey wrenches.

14. It was the movie Hitman and I think I may do a post on it in relation to writing: one of those almost good movies but missed. For me, at least.

15. Read a book recently by a NYT's best selling author (and one I read frequently) and am tired of seeing some of the same expressions/plot devices used and re-used throughout her books.

16. What is her editor thinking??

17. When I've published umpteen books, I still want my editor to look me in the eye and say, "C.J., you can do better. Push yourself and get the edge back into your Voice."

18. I cannot throw a football well to save my fact, if you are anywhere near me, my throw might very well cost you yours.

19. But I can tackle. I'm very good at tackling.

20. I'd like to leave you with some sage advice but honestly the only thing coming to mind is this: When one decides to go "cow tipping", one should always aim for the side of the cow. Approaching the front is, of course, pointless, and sneaking up on the business end of a bovine is like playing Russian Roulette with a well-stocked septic tank. The results are rarely ever pretty.


  1. #6 - Thursday - Awww. *grins* I can't wait to get back to that series. I need to plan my trip to the firehouse ... you know for research. :D

    #7 - speaking of good books when the heck do I get to read yours?? Huh? *grins*

    #17 - promise, if he/she doesn't do it, I will *hold hand over heart*


  2. Oh yes, definitely for research.

    Wonder if my stilettos are a tax write-off now?? ;)

    And yes, keep my writing fresh. God forbid someone pick up one of my books and roll their eyes two chapters in because my characters sound the same as every other book!

  3. Oh lol, lol, lol on that pic!!

    And having read your writing samples here, I don't think worrying about keeping your Voice fresh is anything you need to think about for now. You've got talent. :)

  4. *snorts coffee over #20, lol*


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