Friday, May 30, 2008

Week In Review

1. Bought my plane ticket for San Francisco yesterday.

2. Now I just have to cajole Paul into picking me up from the airport at 1 in the morning.

3. He'll be up with nothing better to do. ;)

4. The #4 key on this keyboard started sticking this morning.

5. Even though I rarely find a use for the #4 key, this is still annoying.

6. My Chow dog stuck his head under the grill to lick some grease that dripped onto the deck.

7. Naturally that means the rest of the grease dripped onto him.

8. Long-haired dog + grease = a trip to the groomers. *holds nose* The sooner the better.

9. The Scientist had his tonsils out Wednesday and is doing very well.

10. Even ate scrambled eggs and salad last night (his choice of combination, not mine).

11. Daredevil wants to know when he can own his own weed-whacker.

12. I told him to watch the skies carefully and let me know the minute he sees a goat fly by and we'll rush right down to Lowe's and make it happen.

13. I have fallen in love with fillo dough.

14. Yesterday, I researched ways to kill an octopus.

15. Wierd, I know.

16. We leave for Florida in three weeks - Disney World, Epcott Center, Sea World, and the beach.

17. Never fear, my pretties, this computer will travel with me.

18. My kids have cabin fever already - mostly due to the fact that until the Scientist is recovered, we aren't running around doing anything of interest.

19. Went back through SHADOWING FATE and put in a bit more description (not much, just enough to paint the picture) and then soldiered on through the new material.

20. I will have it finished and in the hands of Janet Reid and Katy (my CP) by next Sunday night. Will also send it to two other agents who've read samples and expressed an interest.

21. Because I'm using all my creative brain cells on SF at the moment, I don't feel like I have much left over for entertaining you, my faithful blog readers.

22. Never fear - a scathingly witty commentary on life, goats, and idiots of every description will be in your very near future.


  1. Does Paul know he'll be up with nothing better to do? ;)

    Glad you're almost finished with SF and looking forward to the scathingly witty commentary on goats...

  2. *starts reading list - cheers YAY!*

    *finishes reading list - cheers again YAY!*



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