Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shoe Check!

Taz had a Furball Incident the other night. My hubby discovered this first. This is because he gets up first.

And also because the Furball Incident occured on his shoes.


  1. OK this is getting weird. My cat, Destiny (aka DingoCat) yerked up a real winner on the bath mat last night. Some are visited by the tooth fairy; we are visited by the hairball fairy. OUR furry friend never ever leaves her grotesque offerings on anything that's easy to clean... ALWAYS always always carpet, mats, or throw rugs. I even did an internet search about this and found many theories as to why: fear of splash back, comfort in a time of discomfort, and (my fave) ability to dig in claws and really let it rip. Nothing about shoes, though. That just seems sassy.


    I just found that cool, not to mention some of the words that might show up a lot shouldn't get that much page time, lol.

  3. Taz is certainly very sassy.

    Jage, that's a fun site!


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