Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do You Show The Signs?

Thank you to Danielle Marie for the link!

This is a fascinating (and inspiring!) article about the characteristics of highly productive artistic people.

Just to whet your appetite - The fact that I've set down roots in Tennessee, the fact that I choose to wait tables when I could use my teaching credential, the fact that I introduce myself to others and present myself on the web as a writer first and foremost, and the fact that I demand writing from myself daily are all indicators that I'm a highly productive artistic person.

Go read and then tell me what you think. =)


  1. This is a great article! Thanks for posting it! Yep, definitely me. =)

  2. Yey! So glad you liked it, too. I suspected you might. We ARE kindred souls. I dropped my life as a food server to become a teacher-- like the Bizarro You. So I wondered, after reading this, if I was wandering away from the prolific life, as a result. (As you know, teaching sure as heck isn't mindless!) But then I realized that I give my brain its daily vacation at the strange little activities that give me odd pleasure- pleasure I couldn't explain before this article. I love to weed the garden (now that I have one) and wash the dishes. And blogging has helped me immensely. I'm still new at it, but I can already see that it helps steer me toward this prolific life. Knowing that I need to blog every day forces me to look at the world with a writer's eyes, searching for material, viewing the world as potential art.
    By the way, the author has a great blog, too- I think he left a link on that page. If not, you can find a link on mine:)

  3. That was an awesome article, thanks Danielle!

    *grins* I liked the part about doing "mindless jobs" so you can focus on the important stuff. I did that for the longest time before devoting all my attention to writing.

    I was always the girl at work with a notebook stopping to scribble something down.


  4. Wait...there's a Bizarro Me? I find that slightly unsettling. :)

    I often jot notes to myself on my ordering pad, Katy. :) But then, we already knew we were separated at birth.

    And I find that blogging daily has really increased the ease with which I tap my creativity and has developed a discipline I needed.

  5. Thanks for sharing, C.J.! Great article and well worth my time. Off to do some daily writing now...


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