Sunday, June 15, 2008

Monday's List

1. Yes, for those of you uber-blog readers, I'm posting Monday's list on a Sunday night.

2. This is because I like to live on the edge.

3. So does Daredevil.

4. Last night he informed me (in his best indoor voice which means only half the restuarant heard him) that he had a rash.

5. When I inquired as to the location, he said the following: "You know how I wanted to wear the Scientist's shorts yesterday but they were too big? (umm, no, I didn't know this) Well, I had to put on 8 pairs of underwear to get them to fit. I've been wearing 8 pairs ever since and it's getting hot."

6. I'm not sure which is more interesting: the fact that his little boy logic led him to layer on the undies in an effort to wear a pair of shorts two sizes too big or the fact that he had no problem announcing it at my place of business.

7. In honor of Father's Day, I decided I would cook my hubby a nice steak dinner.

8. Using his grill.

9. When I announced this plan, every single male in my household within hearing distance dropped their jaw, widened their eyes, and stared at me in silence.

10. My hubby then got up, grabbed his tongs, and manned the grill.

11. Really, their confidence in me is overwhelming.

12. I'm going to bed early tonight. The constant late nights of writing have taken their toll.

13. Why do Mentos call their fruit-flavors "chewy fruit-flavored mints"?

14. While they are both fruity and chewy, they fall seriously short in the category of "mint".

15. I should invent a machine that irons clothes automatically.

16. You laugh but someone once said the same thing about the washing machine while slaving over a tub of sudsy clothes.

17. Or maybe you're laughing because the idea of me inventing anything is faintly ridiculous...

18. You may have a point.

19. Tiger Woods made an incredible putt on his last hole in the U.S. Open today to force a tie-breaker tomorrow.

20. My hubby is a huge golf fan so we were all watching this putt with much anticipation, mostly for his benefit.

21. When Tiger sank it, Starshine looked at my hubby and said, "Slap me some skin, my brother."

22. Oy.

23. Reader Question: Give me some recommendations for authors you adore in the urban fantasy/paranormal genre, either mainstream or YA. =)


  1. *falls over laughing* I love your kids.


  2. That was hilarious! I hosted a birthday party for a 9-yr-old today and it was a blast! Of course, I was actually working. I love my job! =)

    Ok, author suggestion: I personally love Patricia Briggs' "Mercy Thompson" series for urban fantasy. If you haven't read them, the first is Moon Called. Awesome, awesome books!

  3. Your children are hilarious. Love the logic on how to wear clothes that are bigger than you, lol.

    Currently Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews are on my auto-buy for urban fantasy. Adore Jim Butcher as well, Charlaine Harris is a fave and although Nalini Singh isn't UF more sci-fi romance I think her books are still really good.

  4. Hmm, two recs for Patricia Briggs. I'll have to check her out.

    I've read Charlaine Harris.

    Ilona Andrews has been on my "buy a book of hers someday" list.

    I'll check out the rest.


  5. *snickers* your kids ROCK.

    hmm. authors.

    Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Laurell K Hamilton, Vicki Peterrson(spelling is off I think), Kim Harrison, Keri Arthur..

    There's more but I can't think of them right now.

  6. *snort*

    (No other comment seemed necessary)

    Paranormal--Terri Garey, Stephanie Rowe (Must Love Dragons).

    Just finished Terri's book, "Dead Girls Are Easy." Loved it!


  7. Yay! Lots of author recommendations. I'll check them out when I've finished SF and actually have time to read. :)

  8. Oooh, Kresley Cole is also quickly becoming a fave although her stuff is most definitely paranormal romance.

  9. LOL! Your kids crack me up!

    Can't add any more authors to what's listed here. Though I echo the sentiment on Patricia Briggs. Excellent books.

  10. Your kids should rule the world. Love the logic.


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