Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week In Review

1. It's been a busy week: writing, working, writing, cleaning, swimming, writing...

2. Not too busy that I haven't found myself tremendously entertained by a few things, however.

3. At the pool this week, Starshine and Daredevil were playing a game that appeared to involved one of them floating while the other tried to hang onto him, apparently using his brother as a mini-lifesaving device.

4. Since this scenario was repeatedly unsuccessful (how many times must a child be dunked before he realizes he is not a lifeboat?), I decided to investigate.

5. I asked the following very innocent question: What are you doing? and received the following answer, shouted across the neighbor-infested pool:

6. We're Boobies!!

7. Having already established early on in my career as a mom that the ground never once opens up to swallow me, you'll understand why I didn't waste any breath praying for that and instead, lunged for the pool in an attempt to quiet my children who were still earnestly trying to explain, at the top of their lungs, that they were boobies.

8. Once I reached them and asked, quite calmly, for a more detailed explanation of their game, Daredevil looked at me and said (in a "Wow, Mom sure doesn't know much, does she?" tone): You know. Those things floating in the water outside the restaurant we ate at in Florida. Boobies.

9. Ah. Buoys. I corrected their pronunciation and hauled myself out of the pool.

10. This week I read an article about the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona and discovered that the runners use a rolled up newspaper as a tool to gauge the distance between them and a charging bull.

11. I have to tell you, if the only thing between you and a charging bull is a little rolled up newspaper, you have more problems than just estimating distance.

12. I also read an article about aggressive dog breeds, published in the Applied Animal Behaviour Science journal, and the number one most aggressive breed is (drum roll please to allow all of the usual suspects to fall out of your mind): the dachshund.

13. The Chiuaua was second.

14. I knew there was a reason I love big dogs.

15. Tomorrow, hubby and I are joining Paul and Kelly for a double date and going to see (finally!!) Get Smart.

16. I've been waiting for this for three months.

17. The rest of my weekend will be spent subduing the laundry, waiting on tables, and writing the last few chapters of SF.

18. Finally, in the spirit of leaving the most entertaining item 'til last, I saw another article this week that discussed various products one might use to remedy beauty faux pas. (Oddly, none of the products addresses the recurring 80's horror show that is the bubble skirt.)

19. Most of the products were run-of-the-mill but had me laughing until my sides ached.

20. The name: Subtle Butt

21. The purpose: A garmet shield designed to absorb the stench caused by unladylike farts and replace it with a more pleasing aroma.

22. So now, instead of having to blame the dog or the person who just walked by, you get to explain to others why every time you walk, your backside emits the odor of green meadows and fresh cut flowers.

23. I can't help it. I'm still laughing.

24. Reader Question: What's the most interesting thing you learned this week?


  1. It's a toss up. The mating habits of garter snakes (I even posted about it, it was so disturbing) ranks up there. But having just returned from the zoo where my husband's company had a picnic today, I have a new favorite animal. The Bonobo. Not only did I have a TOTAL moment with this one Bonobo through the glass(I told him through the glass that I was sorry he was caged, but so glad to see him and that at least he wasn't in a war zone like so many of his cousins... and I SWEAR he nodded at me). But I also found out that Bonobos are a rare species that is capable of empathy, patience, and altruism... AND it's a matriarchal society where the women set the standards and teach everyone ethics. Coincidence? I think not! Go Bonobos!

  2. All about throat singing. :D Which was actually a random research tangent.


  3. I will now blow the drink from my other nostril, please make sure I'm fully aware of what's coming up in your blog before I try and take a sip again...
    I always knew Dachshunds were vicious little buggers. Jack Russells are the ADHD equivalent in dogs, Chihuahuas are the rat alternatives... Give me a Golden Retriever any day.

  4. Enjoyed this CJ, especially the boobies. Aren't kids great, and utterly mortifying at times?


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