Friday, July 25, 2008

Week In Review

1. I learned this week that a spa in Washington D.C. offers pedicures a la carp.

2. I'm not sure I'm down with sticking my tootsies in a tank full of fish and letting them nibble away.

3. But maybe that's just me.

4. I've crossed two more items off my conference To Do list: writing my logline and ordering updated business cards.

5. Ordering the business cards took three and a half hours.

6. Why? Because every time I told Vista Print to do something, it balked, did things halfway, or made it seem like I was on the right track but then fooled me in the end with much evil laughing on the part of my computer.

7. Soooo, the process took 3 hours of me nearly yanking my hair out in frustration and half an hour after my hubby got home and took over the process.

8. The lesson learned (as he so gently pointed out to me) is that I should never, under any circumstances, try to do anything that requires technical finesse until he is home to help me.

9. Stupid Vista Print.

10. I will be cleaning house all morning today.

11. I don't think it's possible to overstate my elation at this prospect.

12. Daredevil's party is tomorrow which means my hubby is knee deep in cake at the moment.

13. Daredevil wants a Black Pearl cake *wipes a tear of pride from my eye* and I'll post pics later.

14. I have two new ideas for creative outlets for me.

15. One, I might set up a poetry only blog.

16. Also, I'm thinking about writing short stories, customized to the person's preferred genre, as birthday presents for my friends.

17. Autographed of course, though if I find them on ebay, I'll hunt my friends down and force them to eat pickled pig's feet as punishment.

18. Reader Question: What do you think of my new creative outlet ideas?


  1. So my birthday is coming up...=) Dragon/Knight/Fantasy short story? Kidding, you don't have time now, you need to focus on your stuff coming up! But good ideas, and have fun cleaning knowing I will be doing the same.

    (Defeated by the computer again, eh?)

  2. I think they rock.

    I also think that I'd let fish eat my feet if I could go home and go back to sleep right this precise moment.


  3. Yes, your birthday is coming up. But after your little computer comment, I don't think you'll want to read what I write for you...


  4. Poor have my permission to leave work NOW and go back to bed.


  5. I admire your outlets greatly. Both have never been my forte. Though I have short stories I will be the first to tell you they're no good. And not in a trying to be humble way, I assure you they're not mediocre. And what a grand idea to "tailor" stories for people. Also, poetry to me is the garden Alice peers at through the keyhole...but alas, I lack the key or the potion or both. And I came across the Carp Spa Pedicure, too!

  6. er... they ARE mediocre... i rearranged that sentence, sorry. :/

  7. Peter - While poetry has been second nature to me since I was little, I'm very rusty on writing short stories. I haven't actually written one in about 12 years.

    Since my novel writing is concise and fast-paced, I'm hoping to translate that well to the discipline of short stories.

    We'll see...

  8. Ok. The Carp Spa Foot thing has disturbed me in a deep and profound way. And was that lady's last name REALLY Fisher? Come on....

  9. Just discovered your blog, am loving it already!

  10. Sorry you had so much trouble, but I love Vistaprint. The only problem I have with them is that there are way too many choices.

  11. Danielle- lol. Didn't notice that.

    Rapunzel - Welcome to the blog! Help yourself to the sample chapters on the side bar and comment freely. =)

    Anna - Yes, but you are much better at that sort of thing than I am. Just about everyone is better at that sort of thing than I am. Everyone but my Mom. And my Dad. It's a genetic defect.

  12. I like the ideas but I think you should also write a short story for your blog readers now and then...


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