Monday, July 14, 2008

Wow. Just--wow.


  1. Wow is right. That's just beautiful and very moving.

  2. *sighs happily* I love stuff like this, it gives me hope for the world.


  3. Totally cool! Love that song too.

    I've been to a few of those places, though there are six where I've stood right where they danced:

    Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
    Eiffel Tower, Paris
    Washington, DC
    The gate in Seoul, SK
    The cathedral in Cologne, Germany
    The Demilitarized Zone, SK. He was dancing on the North Korean side of the treaty building.

    Neat video! I wonder how long it took to make it.

  4. Lynn,

    I think the link on youtube said it was two years and 42 countries. Amazing. What an unforgettable experience!

    I've been to the fountains in Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C., and the Los Angeles location (with the pier in the background...use to work right there).

  5. I heard a story about this guy on NPR a couple months-ish ago. It's very cool. Wonderful. Light-hearted, silly, valuable. Wonderful.
    Thanks for posting about it!

  6. CJ,
    I love the music, I love the happy feeling this evokes, I love the guy's ability to look at all the adversity in the world and STILL DANCE!

    Pixie Cindy


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