Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday's List

1. So, I wasn't going to post a Monday update today because I posted the witty and amusing run-down of new blog search terms and then followed that up with a link to my post on S & S.

2. My hubby logged on today and demanded to know where my Monday Update went.

3. When I explained all of #1 to him, he did not care.

4. I started the habit of Monday Updates and so, in his book, I should continue said updates until the day I turn in my stilettos and start fertilizing Venus Fly Traps instead.

5. So I'm posting. For him. And yes, I chose the pic with care.

6. I have nothing lined up to write in this post so you're going to get an assortment of random thoughts that won't have any cohesive element to them other than the fact that they came from me.

7. I really don't like to mop.

8. I am oblivious to flowers, plants, or anything that requires watering but doesn't show the gumption to speak up and tell me it's thirsty.

9. As a child, I had to swallow green beans like pills or I would activate my gag reflex and the result was anything but pretty.

10. As an adult, I simply choose not to eat, smell, or even look at the disgusting things.

11. I like getting unexpected cards in the mail from friends.

12. All I want for Christmas is a Books A Million gift card (new shop that opened in my town...finally!!), and a copy of Get Smart and The Dark Knight.

13. And maybe a trip to a spa.

14. People tell me I should watch Heroes and Supernatural.

15. I don't know when I could find the time to add television watching, the kind that inspires rabid loyalty and the inability to miss an episode, into my life but I acknowledge the worthiness of those two shows.

16. It's supposed to absolutely pour here tomorrow and we need it.

17. I love staying inside and writing on rainy days.

18. I would never actually travel to outer space, even if the whole thing was colonized and they offered me a closet full of shoes for free just to spend a week on the moon.

19. Then again, there is the whole "weighing next to nothing on the moon" to consider.

20. Reader Question: Want me to do another creative writing exercise where you provide the first sentence and I take it from there? If enough of you ask for it, I'll do it. :)


  1. Awww, you do love me! :-) (Even if you want a monkey to do me in).

    Your adoring throngs are now appeased for another 24 hours.

  2. Supernatural got old for me in the middle of the first season. Heroes is amazing, but I'm worried it will go down the tubes this year. It's not something you can just jump into now... you'd have to start from Season 1, I'd say. As for finding time for TV, that's why we have TiVo. I barely even know when shows actually air. I don't have to remember to record them, they just show up.

    Your exercise is not unlike "Writer's Russian Roulette" which I learned from a high school teacher and passed on to the students in my days as an intern at the "Young Masters' Consortium for the Arts." A sentence is given (either an opening or a closing) and each person has five minutes to write. Then the papers are passed to the next person on the left. What's written is read, then added to...either in silliness or a serious attempt to continue. Eventually, someone's story "gets shot." The kids kept wanting to play it over and over.

  3. Well I have all sorts of good ideas for you for Christmas now! *grins*

    Yes, another writing exercise! (if you do one, so will I)

  4. Oooh yes, please! I loved the last one you did. I'll start thinking of a really cool sentence now.

  5. Try frying your greenbeans with bacon and garlic until they're all greasy and shriveled and have none of that pesky green bean flavor and absolutely no nutritional value.


  6. Loved the last creative writing thing you did. Hope you do another!

    And green beans are much better than spinach.


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