Sunday, August 17, 2008

Writing Update


Shadowing Fate: Synopsis finished (and I'm really happy with it!). Currently adding five chapters into the middle of the book, two into the last third, and then I just need to finish writing the ending and polish it up.

Short stories (one for ezine, one for Paul): Nothing. Nada. Zip. Let me finish SF and then we'll see.

Poetry Blog: Up and running. Starting slow but I won't be posting more than two a week there. I want an outlet, not a stone around my neck.


Queries sent this week: 2

Total queries sent for SF: 7

Total requests for partials: 6

Total requests for fulls off of partials: 2 (the others are still reading)

Total rejections: 0


Will be entering SF in the Golden Pen by end of August

*If anyone knows of another high-publicity contest that would be a good match for SF (one that is coming up shortly), please let me know. I am woefully out of touch with which contests hold the most weight (beyond Golden Heart, Maggie, and American Title).*


  1. The Emily is good, C.J. Check Stephie Smith's contest chart for the dates....

  2. I don't know the American contests sorry CJ but am interested to know for future reference.

  3. Forgive me if this is "old news," but I recently found this great organization... (The Fund for Women Artists)-- Not only can you put your profile up (mine is!), but it also holds several databases for grants, funding, contests, etc. for several different types of arts (literary, theatrical, visual, international). You can even sign up to have a monthly newsletter sent with contests and grants and their deadlines for the next month.

  4. CJ,

    I'm sooo excited to hear that you're entering Shadowing Fate in the Golden Pen. I feel sorry for those in your category, though. I think you've got the top spot nailed.


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