Monday, September 29, 2008

She's Gonna Blow!

1. I'm late with my usual Monday post but I have an excellent excuse.

2. I had a job interview.

3. Actually, it was more of a "Sit There And Let Me Tell You How Great This Company Is" interview that lasted all of 16 minutes. And that was with ME asking most of the questions when I realized the interviewer had no real interest in asking ME anything of value (he did want to know about Pepperdine, but that's it).

4. I'll know in two weeks or more. In the mean time, still looking.

5. Katy and I discussed our offices/writing spaces at Swords & Stilettos today. Feel free to go share what works for you (and upload a pic if you want!)

6. Here's a video of a volcano birthday cake my hubby made last week:

7. Yes, those piles of leftover cake were wrapped up and waiting for me when I got home.

8. No, they don't tempt me any longer.

9. My week is full of revisions, critiques if I can get to them, and setting up interviews with some authors for this blog.

10. Also, I will once again try to take over the world.

11. Reader Question: What is your favorite board game? If I don't own it, I might buy it for my kids for Christmas. :)


  1. I always liked Clue but I could "never" get anyone to play. Clue at least uses your brain and isn't based on random luck or a parody of corporate greed.

  2. Clue is one of my favorite games! My sister and I used to play it all the time.

    And don't get me started on how much I love the movie!

  3. Sorry! *grins* I think they still make that. It was one of my favorites.

    That and Flinch. :D

    Awesome video of the volcano cake. Hmmm, I am tempted by cake. Darn it. :D


  4. Oh, yes, Sorry is a huge favorite in our house. :) The kids are positively vindictive when it comes to that game. I don't know where they get it...

    As for cake, perhaps my hubby can make a cake for you when you visit. Maybe the Chronicles shield?

  5. Thanks for posting the video of the cake. I love watching your DH's art forms take shape.

    A game I enjoyed when I was young and have recently spotted in the Marts is Mouse Trap. I think your fellows would get into it since it's all about building.

    Off to check out the pix of your office space.

  6. What is this "board game" of which you speak? Can it be found on Playstation, PSP, DS, or PC, or is it one of those rotten Xbox exclusives, like Fable (aaaarrrrrgh!)?

    And the Clue movie is almost as quotable as The Princess Bride. Tim Curry is teh awesome.

  7. Risk.



    But I prefer video games actually lol

  8. Keli - Yes, my hubby and I have looked at Mouse Trap. That might be the new game this Christmas (we usually get one a year).

    And isn't Clint amazing? He's so talented.

    Kerry - LOL! I know what you mean. I like to drag us away from technology and explore the ancient art of dice and bright pieces of plastic sometimes.

    ND - All good ones! We have those, though in truth, we prefer the online version of Risk. So much faster. And the cat can't wipe out a continent full of troops.

  9. Yahtzee is pretty much all-ages friendly.

    Or there's always blackjack. What? It's a COUNTING game!

  10. Kerry - lol. I wouldn't worry about teaching my kids how to play blackjack. They already know how to play Texas Hold 'Em. =D

  11. Balderdash.

    No, I'm not saying that to your post, that's my favorite board game. Involves making up definitions to weird words. Scatterories is fun, too.


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