Monday, September 22, 2008

Argh, Matey!

1. Starshine discovered that this past weekend was National Talk Like A Pirate weekend.

2. Since he lives in his imagination anyway, he was quick to get into the spirit of things.

3. The two of us were home alone Sunday morning and the conversation went like this:

Starshine: Argh, matey! Man the hatches!

Me: Okay.

Starshine: There's no "okay" on a pirate ship! Argh! Swab the poop decks.

Me: I've swabbed enough poop decks to last me a lifetime.

Starshine: What?

Me: Nevermind. Swabbing, sir!

Starshine: Don't call me sir, matey! You'll walk the plank and be fed to the skeletons.

Me: Aye, captain!

Starshine: We'll fire the cannons!

Me: Aye, captain!

Starshine: We'll sail under the Jolly Roger!

Me: Aye, captain!

Starshine: We'll never brush our teeth again!

Me: Hold it, mister.

And Starshine discovered that, while I'm a fan of all things pirate, my penchant for excellent dental hygiene trumps all.

4. Tom Cruise joined facebook, set up a fan site for himself (which makes sense), and wrote a quite lengthy description of himself and his work in which he takes credit for Dustin Hoffman's Rainman Oscar (and the Oscars of anyone else who worked with him, I kid you not), slams others who beat him out for Oscars, and brags about his bankability as "the number one star in Hollywood".

5. I'm not sure which was more staggering...the ego or the insecurity.

6. I'm not saying he isn't a fine actor, and I realize his performance lent itself to his co-star's performance, but saying that someone would never have received their Oscar had they not been starring across from you negates the other actor's talent and hard work and is both rude and wrong.

7. Whatever.

8. My laptop has a virus.

9. The story for how it got one is long, involved, and still very upsetting to me so I won't share it.

10. I'm using my office computer and my hubby's laptop for my writing and blogging and we're hoping an IT guy my hubby knows might have a cure.

11. And YES, I had virus protection.

12. Thankfully, my writing is backed up on a flash drive and all is well there.

13. What do teenage boys have against belts?

14. Or combs?

15. Or bathing?

16. *sigh* It won't be too long before I have a crowd of teenage boys in the house. I might lose many battles with them but I promise they will NOT walk out of this house with their pants one slipperly slide away from a Full Monty.

17. I love autumn. It's my favorite season.

18. Pumpkin bread, the smell of burning leaves, the gorgeous colors, incredible twilights, a holiday dedicated to rewarding the imagination with candy...what's not to love?

19. Yes, I realize Halloween's origins have nothing to do with candy or rewarding anything, but it's morphed into that today, and we get into the spirit. I'll be hauling out my decorations soon.

20. Reader Question: What's your favorite vintage candy?


  1. I can't remember what they are called right now, but they are chewy caramel with cream on the inside.

    That, and Mary Janes

  2. Glad to hear Starshine used 'The Jolly Roger' which is Hook's ship. (Yes, I know it's a common name and applies also to the skull & crossbones flag or something like that, but Barrie used it, too.)
    And I can't imagine extending that silly day to a weekend! :)
    Vintage candy?
    Well, it's not my favorite, but I've always wondered how anyone ever got away with pixie sticks. I mean, seriously. (And please, no commentary on "pixie" as that's Disney's name for Tink and I won't stand for it. :] )

  3. *grins* I'd de-pants them if they tried to wear low-riders. That would probably get the message across very quickly.

    Mmmmm Mary Janes. (Which I had to have my mother send to me when we lived in 'Bama, I couldn't find them anywhere)


  4. oh - and I have all my books and writing stuff on a backup extrernal hard drive as well as a data DVD for each book (or set of books.) It also has my drawings, research, references, etc. Glad to hear your work is safe, CJ. Viruses are nasty. I never understood THOSE, either. The people who make them can't SEE your frustrations, so what's the point? (Good grief, I sound like a sadist!)

  5. Mary Janes are yummy.

    And no deragatory comments on Pixies allowed on this blog, Peter. =) The 2008 GH finalist group dubbed ourselves Pixies this year and we regularly send Pixie dust to each other (via our loop) for good luck.

    Pixies totally rule.

    As for viruses...I think if my hubby gets his hands on the programmers of this one, they'll never be heard from again.

  6. CJ,

    Soooo sorry to hear about your sick computer. Since I'm using my hubby's ancient laptop while my beloved iMac is being serviced, I can relate. (I'm gaining empathy for him having to use this dinosaur while I have a rip roaring fast machine with DSL.)

    My poor baby had 1/3 of her screen go black over the weekend (or lavender, green, yellow or blue depending on the moment in time). I'm hoping the Apple Geniuses can fix her in short order. I miss my bookmarks and email addresses something fierce.

    Lemonheads win hands down as my favorite vintage candy. Many a nickel was spent on them at the local market when I was a kid.

  7. I don't know how vintage they are, but they're durn near impossible to come by in these parts: Brach's malted milk balls.

    Not Whoppers. Don't even go there.

    And this isn't vintage at all, but Fanny May Trinidads are all kinds of gooey joy.

    (I went to the Fanny May site to check whether it was May of Mae 'cuz there's, ya know, a diff, and they have their Halloween candy on display. I'm really not sure about the ORANGE mint meltaways. Even knowing it's mint, when I see ORANGE, I expect ORANGE, by gum.)

    Oooh... gum...

  8. Ok- viruses suck. Viruses AND spyware. I'm with Pete- just who ARE these freaky losers? Wimpy sadists? Lame lame lame. Can we please ctrl-alt-delete these pissy nerds?

    Ok. Off the soapbox.

    Does saltwater taffy count as vintage? All my formative years were spent with my teeth confined in braces... I had to wait til durned near adulthood for the stuff. So now it feels deliciously naughty to eat it. The chocolate, of course, has to be my favorite... but I love the banana, too. And together? Fuh-getit!

    How's the job hunt going?!

  9. I like bulls-eyes (is that what they're called?). The caramels with the white cream in the middle? They're delish!


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