Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend, Here I Come!

1. This was a long week.

2. Yes, I realize every week has the exact same number of days but still...this was a long week for me.

3. Since most of it is hardly entertaining, I won't bore you with it.

4. Gingerbread poop labels.

5. Yes, you read that right.

6. That's the latest search phrase used to locate this blog.

7. One could spend one's time wondering why anyone needed to label gingerbread poop or, indeed, could speculate on the amazing circumstance of finding one other person in the ether who makes poop out of gingerbread (Missed that one? Here it is.) but instead, I'll just say "Welcome. You must have boys."

8. Since women are busting through the "glass ceiling" of politics, I've been assessing the validity of running a grassroots campaign four years from now. C.J. Redwine for President. Or Vice President. Or Secretary of Wardrobe Consultations and Really Interesting Non-Sequiturs Interrupting Perfectly Normal Conversations.

9. I could totally rock the last one.

10. There's a new guy at work whom nobody likes (this is because he lies, steals, and treats everyone like they have an I.Q of 10).

11. Last shift I worked with him, he used his smart mouth against every woman in the building, lied to the manager, and then (either because he can't read people well or because he likes risking his life on the job), cozied up to me (and I'm not a "cozy up to me" kind of girl) and grabbed for the springy cord attaching my swipe card to my uniform. He missed and grabbed my breast instead.

12. You will, therefore, not be at all surprised when one of the following happens: A) I can cheerfully blog about an incidence of violence in the workplace in which I was the clear victor. B) I will use my one phone call to tell my hubby to post about said incident. Or C) No one will ever hear from him again.

13. And no, I don't need lectures on how to handle sexual harassment at the workplace. Between me, Paul, and my hubby, we've got this covered. =)

14. Saw Death Race yesterday with Paul. It's totally our kind of movie and I was pleased the plot held together but honestly, the violence in it is not for the faint of heart.

15. The 9-4 sits serenely in our driveway, daring us to start her up and discover what new mischief she's planned for us. So far, she's dropped a window while I was driving, refused to allow the sliding door to close when we were already out and about and had no choice but to drive with significantly more air conditioning than we needed, and dumped an entire tank of gas all over the highway.

16. However, when she isn't dumping gas, she gives us 400 miles to the tank and that's significant considering that a few tanks of gas these days equals a mortgage payment or two.

17. Starshine lost his school tennis shoes a month before school started.

18. No, this isn't surprising.

19. He's been wearing a spare pair of shoes that aren't that comfortable and are fairly worn in the interim.

20. The Scientist found the lost shoes yesterday while cleaning out the garage and we were all happy.

21. Until this morning when Starshine tried to wear the shoes and we realized his feet had already grown.

22. *sigh* Shoe shopping for boys is soooo much less fun that shoe shopping for me.


  1. Yikes!

    I'm assuming this is same co-worker I heard about at RWA, yes? What a tool box. *rolls eyes*


  2. I was so intrigued by the Gingerbread poop info that I went back in time and read your post from a couple of Christmases past. Too funny. I have a girlie girl who helps with our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies, but who would never think of of creating fecal matter for gingerbread fellows. Boys! Look what I missed by not having one. :-)

  3. Katy - Yes, indeed. Different month. Same moron.

    Keli - Boys do indeed make life interesting. :)


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