Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's It Worth To You?

Yesterday, Starshine went to the eye doctor because A) he is far-sighted, like me, and B) his glasses were crushed the other day at school by an errant back pack. When asked how his glasses came to be sitting on the floor in the general vicinity of the back packs in the first place, he was quite vague.

The dr. ran through various tests and then came to the point where he was figuring out Starshine's prescription by having him look through lenses and read rows of fine print.

He toggled the lenses, put them up to Starshine's face, held out a card and said, "Please read the bottom line."

To which Starshine responded, "Sure! For five bucks."

"Five bucks?"

"Yes. I want five bucks. Otherwise, I don't read the line."

"I don't have five bucks," said the dr.

"Well, what do you have?"


"I'll take five gumballs."

"Deal," the dr. said.

Starshine flawlessly read the line, pocketed his gumballs, and came home with the skewed world view that any dr. he visits from this point on will have an acceptable bribe waiting for him.


  1. Your children are brilliant....

    but scary.


  2. I'll remember this at my next girly exam.

    I really ought to get SOMETHING more tangible than peace of mind.

  3. Note to self: never take a sip of coffee before reading CJ's posts. Unless you like doing spit takes. And for the record, Kerry, you were no help.

    I adore your kids.

  4. Perhaps they should... as a kid, I always got a plastic hand puppet...

  5. ND - I read your line and instantly heard Ron say of Hermoine "She's scary. Brilliant, but scary!" lol

    Kerry - I agree! I want a free pair of stilettos every time I so much as walk in my gynecologist's door.

    Danielle - lol. You should check out Kerry's blog (link under Author's on my sidebar). It's totally funny in a twisted, snarky way. :)

    Peter - Most doctors give a gift at the end but this is the first time any of my children made a demand for money *during* a procedure. =D

  6. People keep telling me I'm snarky. I totally do not see that.


    I mean it.

    What are you laughing at?


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