Friday, September 12, 2008


I've avoided politics on this blog and, for the most part, will continue to do so because the main purpose of this blog is to entertain and provide insight into the writer's life. I'm posting this, however, because I am a HUGE supporter of those who serve in our military and when someone who has served recently takes the time to give their perspective, it's worth a listen.

It's only 1 1/2 minutes. I was moved most by the last ten seconds. Wow.


  1. Thanks for posting this. This country really means a lot to me since I was not born here and was given the chance to live in freedom. It's so important for others to see that voting for the next president is not about which star likes which candidate;they live in a bubble and do not live a normal life like the rest of us. It's all about how each candidate can lead. It's so important for people to remember what this country was founded on and what we stand for. I hope and pray people remember that that candidate they should vote for should be someone who has shown true dedication for this country, his family, himself, and most of all, God.; not just someone who seeks for bettering himself and making new "famous" friends. They're of no use for "us normal Americans".

  2. I have seen similar touching footage from our Viet Nam vets when the US started to withdraw troops there, asking the same question at the center of this video. "If the war we fight is wrong, have our losses been in vain?" I don't think that question has any easy answers. Every war we fought, fight, or shall fight will have losses. Can we then never question our involvement in any war; by doing so, do we cause the losses suffered to become meaningless? I just don't know...
    And I'm with Jam'n. I hope that nobody makes snap judgments about either candidate -- not based on Obama's endorsement by Oprah, nor Palin's sudden celebrity buzz. I pray that people take the time to research each candidate's actual stance. For instance, Obama supports more funding for veterans and increased military involvement in Afghanistan. (Democrats like to ignore that.) And McCain voted against banning gay marriage and supports expanding stem cell research. (Republicans don't like to mention this.)
    I LOVE It's a non-partisan site that rates the truth of campaign-trail comments. Great place to check out the often overblown statements from both sides of the aisle. Get out there, get informed, and vote!


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