Friday, October 3, 2008

Holy Mutinous Muscles, Batman!

Playing on my iPod now: Sounds Like War by P.O.D.

1. The weather's changing here. We actually need a light sweatshirt at nights, even though the days are warm enough for t-shirts. The leaves are changing and we're gearing up for fall. Tennessee autumns are the most beautiful autumns I've ever seen.

2. The results of last week's poll are interesting. 12 voters said Dragons used to exist. 9 felt they are nothing but myth.

3. Naturally, I voted that they used to exist. =D

4. I've worked out five times in the last three days.

5. Today, I rolled out of bed and realize my muscles had staged a mutiny.

6. Something along the lines of "What are you, freakin' CRAZY?"

7. Also, they questioned the wisdom of having our bedroom UPstairs.

8. I'm going to finish this post and do another workout just to show them who's boss.

9. As you know, I rarely watch tv. Fringe is the only show I'm watching at the moment. I like to keep it to one show so my time is free for other things.

10. Plus, I have very little free time, so the show has to really dazzle me or I can't stand to sit still.

11. I'm considering, however, adding House to the list. It comes on before Fringe (which I tivo so I can watch it during my lunch break the next day) so my tivo gives me the last few minutes of House and the preview of next week's episode.

12. I've noticed that House's humor seems an awful lot like mine. The preview for next week's episode confirmed it. House finagles his "former" friend to drive him to his father's funeral and while they're driving (and arguing), they get pulled over. As the officer approaches the car, House's cell rings. He answers with the following:

13. "Make it quick. I don't want to miss the anal cavity search."

14. Some girls, you get at "hello". Me, I can't resist a deliciously sarcastic line delivered in its place.

15. I think I have the job thing figured out now. It's not firm yet, but I think I'll be picking up day hours at my current job at a guaranteed rate of pay (which means NOT relying on humanity to tip decently for excellent service).

16. This is a win-win situation because I don't have to learn a group of new people and this is a place that understands I'm a mother first so if I need to come in a couple hours late because I have a sick kid at home and am waiting for my hubby, it won't be a problem.

17. I need to go through the kids' clothes and pull out all the stuff that no longer fits.

18. I'm hoping that little exercise will still leave them enough clothes to get through the winter without a shopping expedition.

19. Those of you who love reading paranormal, will want to check out fellow Pixie Kerry Allen's blog where she's posting a chapter a week from a novella (or loooong short story...something like that) for free. She's posted the first two and I am so hooked! Scroll down to the Beyond The Darkening posts.

20. READER QUESTION: What makes a blog worth returning to every day?


  1. When you are done with that workout today, let me know who is the boss. :-)

    As for the question...It has to be ridiculously entertaining...I'm too busy to mess with anything less.

  2. a. You will love House. I know this because I love House. He's not merely sarcastic. He's scathing. Withering. Deliberately offensive. I feel liberated just watching him.

    b. I envy you both the cooler air and the changing leaves. We don't do either in Florida.

    c. The History Channel or Animal Planet or the Sci-Fi Channel or some Discovery Channel spin-off had a very nice show on dragons that went into the anatomic requirements of the wings and the fire breathing. Way cool. I'd highly recommend it if I had any idea what it was called.

    d. I'm most loyal to blogs that make me laugh. If I'm squeezed for time, I skip the "educational" or "topical" ones on my list and go straight for the funny.

  3. Grayback - Snark will get you nowhere on this blog. *grins* I just finished and I am, and always will be, the BOSS.

    Kerry - Oooh, scathing. Withering. Deliberately offensive. I can't wait.

    Yes, having actual seasons is one of the many reasons I loved moving here from L.A.

    As for the reasons you go to a blog...that's why I visit yours. :)

  4. Heh, House is awesome. You'll totally get his humor.

    I need to catch up, I'm so far behind on that show now it's not funny.

    What makes a blog worth coming back to? Hmmmm...

    Humor, interesting things to say, good topics, consistent posting.


  5. House is great. He says what I wish I could say at work sometimes...

    What makes me loyal to a blog...a sarcastic sense of humor and some cool pics of kicking stilettos which I will never be able to wear because I am (a) already two inches taller than my husband, and (b) about as graceful as a drunken moose on an ice skating rink.

  6. -I'm a fan of House's humor, as well. I pray they never make him do something so mundane as having him "see the light" and become kind. It does, though, follow the EXACT same formula every single episode: patient introduced, the House-lings break into the patient's house to find evidence,patient thought to have one thing, patient doesn't (your clock should read about 8:36pm), the patient or patient's family member is caught in a lie that reveals the REAL disease and its cure. Testament to the acting power of Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard: I still watch when I can.
    - Blogaliciousness? Make me laugh, make me think, post at least once every other day or so. And for God's sake- pay attention try proofreading.

  7. What makes a blog worth coming back to?

    Humor, it's someone that I care about, interesting topics, tips, whatever.

  8. You don't watch Heroes????? You seriously don't know what you are missing. That is the only show that we go out of our way to catch.

    I am looking forward to The Dollhouse.

  9. CJ you can do my workout I missed yesterday and today for me okay?

  10. Katy - I may try a few episodes and see. It's not something I want to go rent previous seasons and watch. I'm saving that for Heroes and perhaps Supernatural. :)

    Siobhan - I would pay good money to see a drunken moose on an ice skating rink...

    DM - Blogiliciousness?? *grins* Yay for new words!

    NM - All good reasons.

    BV - Not yet, but I'll probably rent the seasons to watch over the summer. Or sometime when I have free time...

    NH - Lol. Do your own self-torture, woman!


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