Monday, October 13, 2008

What Happens When Pumpkins Drink?

1. It's official. Johnny Depp signed on for Pirates Four and the story is completely about Captain Jack Sparrow.

2. Yes, that noise you hear is me doing my Happy Dance.

3. Midnight showing? Dressed as a pirate? You betcha.

4. I'll even bring the rum.

5. You'll recall the 9-4 recently misbehaved and spilled an entire tank of gas all over the highway before costing us a pretty penny to fix.

6. Not to be outdone, the Explorer (otherwise known at The Piece...long story. Hilarious. I'll have to post about it.) just broke down and we received the unhappy news that it will cost over $700 to fix.

7. Since I don't know where that money will come from and I absolutely have to have a car next week to start my new job, I'm advocating taking it out back, shooting it, and putting in an insurance claim for a new one.

8. Anyone own a bazooka?

9. Starshine wandered up to me on Saturday and announced that, just for the day, he was going to be an eyeball.

10. I no longer question these sorts of proclamations. I just roll with it.

11. I did, however, advocate that he avoid all pointy objects.

12. My schedule for the foreseeable future is a mess.

13. It will be a glorious opportunity for me to forgo sleep (like I don't do that already) and demonstrate that when I say a writer needs to make time to write, I mean it.

14. Speaking of which, good progress on the rewrite/scene additions to Shadowing Fate. If the world would leave me alone for three days straight, I'd be finished.

15. Since that's about as likely as Jerry Springer winning a Nobel Peace prize, I'll have to fit it in around out of town company, running kids in three different directions, job training, a jaunt to Kentucky, and whatever else gets thrown into the mix.

16. I've decided if I'm ever as rich as J.K. Rowling (Hold your laughter, dang it! It could happen!), I'm going to pay off the mortgages of all of my friends.

17. We have birds nesting in the ventilation shaft of our downstairs bathroom.

18. Today, they got into a fight.

19. Few things are as disturbing as entering a restroom, becoming indisposed, and then hearing two birds do their best to kill each other right above you.

20. It's no wonder I rarely sleep.

21. I added a Hangman Game to the bottom of this blog in case you're at work and would rather do something...educational instead. =D

22. Reader Question: You're making me a mix tape (okay, okay...a mix cd) and want to introduce me to three bands/artists you love but are pretty sure I've never heard of. Which three do you include?


  1. *hugs* Good luck finishing up!

    Hmmmm three bands. *laughs* That's tricky since I'm fairly sure you know more bands than I do (thanks to Paul :D ) but here goes...

    Flogging Molly
    Street Dogs

  2. I like Flogging Molly. :) Haven't heard of the other two (yay! New bands!). Thanks for the rec.

  3. You may have heard of them, but I bet you didn't know they have 6 albums and that their "known" song is their worst: Men Without Hats
    How about:
    The Rainmakers
    Wally Pleasant

  4. CJ,

    That picture is too funny. Which Redwine thought of that?

    Glad to hear SF is coming along so well. That means I'll have more to read soon. Yay!! Write, sister, write. (Sleep is highly overrated, don't ya think? Besides your story is better than any dreams I've ever had.)

    Sorry to hear about the Piece. Car trouble$ are no fun. What ails the exasperating Explorer anyway?

    So, where are you going to be working? Hope you like the new job.

    Bands? You don't want to hear my choices. They'd put you to sleep. It's either 70s music (yes, I'm that old) or classical (yawn) these days. See what I mean? Boring--but I like it. Someone has to, right?

  5. Keli-

    Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Beethoven's Sonata #8, Mozart's Requiem.

    There's nothing boring about classical!


  6. Katy,

    Yay! Someone else who likes classical. It's what I play when I'm writing. Gets me right in the mood for writing my historicals.

    My absolute favorite piece is Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I like Handel, Bach and Mozart too.

  7. Peter - Thanks for the rec. I'll check them out.

    Keli - I was raised, quite literally, on NOTHING but classical. My dad is a classical musician. I adore classical music.
    Such incredibly pieces of artistry can never be labeled boring.

    70's music, on the other hand...

  8. Oops. Forgot to add that a friend sent me the pic. We do some amazing pumpkin carving here (and by "we," I mean my hubby), but can't take the credit here. :)

  9. CJ,

    Yay for classical then. Nice to know I don't have to apologize for it here. My DD doesn't share the appreciation. But perhaps she will when she's older.

    What did/does your dad play? I've really gotten into violin over the last two years. Listening, not playing. I spent a year on clarinet in the sixth grade before we moved to a remote ranger station where my sisters and I attended a one room school--with no band.

    You'll have to share pics of your pumpkins later. Having seen some of your DH's cakes, I can only imagine how creative his jack-o-lanterns will be.


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