Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Like A Potluck Of C.J. Facts!

Location: My comfy over-sized writing chair, hoping the rest of the crew hit their beds soon so I can write for an hour before going to bed.

Playing on my iPod: "With You" by Linkin Park

1. Tomorrow I work from 10 am to 9 pm.

2. If you're currently thinking something along the lines of "Oh, C.J. must be excited/happy/looking forward to that" please slap yourself until common sense returns.

3. If you missed the fabulous new heels coming out in Chanel's 2009 collection, go here and check them out.

4. Yes, the black pair would be an appropriate Christmas gift for me. ;)

5. Also, if you missed it, scroll down and check out the uber-cool Halloween cake my hubby made this weekend.

6. I took the kids shopping on Saturday to figure out the whole costume thing. We're going to have two rock stars (Starshine and Daredevil) and one Army Special Ops (Scientist). My hubby is going as a wizard. I've got the stuff to be either a witch or a Celtic princess but maybe this year I'll go as a novelist.

7. That way, I can wear my sweats and mutter things to myself as I jot notes on the back of my checkbook while people around me give me candy instead of strange looks.

8. I'm considering doing some short fic pieces and giving them away on the blog.

9. I think I'll do snippets of Alexa's life pre-Shadowing Fate. We'll see if I can fit it into my schedule.

10. I'm a little disturbed at how many of you chose the "goat" option on the recent survey.

11. Although I suppose if you have a goat, you don't need trash pick-up or a lawnmower, so that's a bonus.

12. You have to deal with the whole horizontal eye thing and total lack of respect for personal space or for humankind's strange aversion to being rammed from behind, but I suppose the trade-off is worth it for some.

13. We're getting our first freeze tonight. This means the scenery is going from pretty to gorgeous.

14. It also means the 9-4 is going to start each morning with great reluctance.

15. One of my co-workers (we don't see each other often) told me a few days ago that she always listens to my hubby each morning on her way to school.

16. Me: "That's nice."

17. Her: "I just love listening to him!"

18. Me: "That's good. I'm glad."

19. Her: "I can't stop thinking about him! I think about him all the time."

20. Me: "Hold it, sister."

21. It's such a weird thing when people I barely know (or don't know at all, for that matter) think my husband (and often me) are community property because of his job. I don't mind people admiring him. I admire him greatly. I do mind someone thinking it's somehow appropriate to tell me they have a fantasy life that stars my husband.

22. Besides, telling me something like that just shows how little you know me. I'm not exactly the non-confrontational type.

23. Reader Question: Will you dress up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be?


  1. "Strange aversion to being rammed from behind." *mind -> gutter*

    RQ: No. Hell no. Oddly enough, I will cosplay like a mad 10-year-old fool any other day of the year, but I hate Halloween with a fiery passion.

  2. Lol, Kerry.

    And I'm very surprised. I would think Halloween would be right up your alley. :)

  3. I will oddly enough not be dressing up this halloween. I must remember to post about the time I dressed up as a vampire and got to be a side part in play lol It was fun.

  4. ND - YOU aren't dressing up? What is the world coming to???

  5. I will not be dressing up either. My husband does crazy enough for the whole family. The kids won't even be seen with him. Can you tell we are total opposites??

    I'm with Kerry - I hate Hallowe'en. I think it's the constant doorbell ringing that bugs me and the freezing cold air coming in all night.

    Anyway - enough about that. Question: do you eat your husband's cakes? And is that spray paint he's using? It's an absolutely amazing process to watch, that's for sure.

    As for the pet thing, None of the above - EVER! I have my two cats and that's plenty. Although if the goat eats leaves, I have a whole yard of them right now, it might be worth it!


  6. Sue - NO, I don't eat his cakes. I used to. Back when I still thought of cake as a treat and not a four letter word (of the uncouth variety).

    He uses a can of pressurized air(the kind you get in the craft section of a hobby store to use with small doses of spray paint) to spray food coloring. Everything he makes is completely edible.


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