Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mid-Week Madness

Random facts you don't yet know about me (unless you're one of the few who read my thoughts on a regular basis):

1. C.J. is not the name on my birth certificate but over the last few years, it's become the name almost everyone uses for me.

2. I get asked often what C.J. stands for and, of course, I tell the truth: Calamity Jane.

3. One of my friends started calling me Cieje (pronounced "siege") because apparently the last "ay" sound is just too much to get out.

4. The other day, someone at work called me the Ciejinator and that is taking Ridiculous to previously unexplored heights.

5. I read The Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was in fourth grade and loved it.

6. I wrote my first story in second grade.

7. I was the last kid in the first grade to learn how to read.

8. While I've never run with scissors, I have, on several occasions, nearly put out an eye.

9. Usually someone else's.

10. I like pepper more than salt.

11. I think white chocolate is one step above green beans. Nasty.

12. I almost always have a candle burning in my kitchen.

13. I played clarinet in junior high and high school band and was once invited to play in the state band.

14. I once played the part of a Holocaust prisoner in a theatrical rendition of The Hiding Place.

15. I was also one of the "Pick-A-Little" ladies in The Music Man.

16. I've seen Phantom of the Opera twice (in L.A.) and would love to see it again in NYC.

17. I don't understand the motivation to bungee jump.

18. When I write poetry or song lyrics, the entire thing either flows out within five or ten minutes or it never happens at all.

19. I love eating pomegranates.

20. I once tried out for Wheel of Fortune and failed...but that's a post for another day.


  1. Not surprisingly I know all these facts and hundreds(nay thousands) more. I am willing to share what's really on your birth certificate for a price. Any bids? I still can't find it in my heart to call you CJ.(Except in a crowd when you don't respond to your own beautiful, delightful, lovely real name)

  2. #20--- How 'bout tomorrow? And, by the way, your mom is adorable. ((Hugs to Mom))

  3. White "chocolate" isn't even technically chocolate.

    Calling it "chocolate" is a marketing scam that equates to "those stupid cocoa junkies will eat anything, even candle wax, if you call it chocolate."


    I'll eat green beans. White "chocolate" is more in the okra family.

    I know the C. Am avidly speculating about the J...

  4. Mom- I certainly hope you set the price high...

    DM- Lol. Soon, I promise. It's been years and I'm still shocked that someone as mouthy, outgoing, and with so much EXTENSIVE experience with vocabulary wouldn't make the cut.

    Kerry - I agree whole-heartedly. White "chocolate" is a misnomer along the lines of calling the Civil War a skirmish. As for the J...go ahead and rule out jaundiced, jivin', and Jehosephine. That should help.

  5. My aunt's name is CJ too (she's Charla Jean). Anyway, we call her "seige" too. Apparently we're very simple people ;)


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