Monday, October 6, 2008

A Piece of History

1. Yesterday was Kelly's birthday (Paul's wife, one of my best friends).

2. I was going to say "one of my bffs" but I just cannot bring myself to use that particular piece of lingo.

3. Anyway, my hubby made a cake for her. A pink flip-flop (the girl doesn't like stilettos...I still don't understand it). Here's a video of the cake, start to finish:

4. Today, an original copy of the Declaration of Independence is at the Nashville Public Library until 2 pm.

5. I'm taking the kids out of school early so we can all go see it.

6. This week I have another author interview, a fun creative writing post, and whatever else happens to run through my busy little brain while I'm blogging. =D

7. I'm still working out, showing that sassy little Wii Fit who's boss.

8. I finally wrote my way past a really difficult chapter. I don't know why it was so difficult except that I wasn't sure how I wanted to handle the subject matter, and I wasn't confident I nailed the pacing.

9. A CP assures me it isn't nearly as butchered as I feared so that's good news.

10. I would sincerely love to have just a pinch of Mary Poppins's power.

11. If I had a dollar for every time I've wished I could just snap my fingers and watch my house clean itself, I'd have replaced the 9-4 years ago.

12. I'd love to find a pair of cammoflauge stilettos.

13. Preferably for less than $100.

14. Otherwise, my only option is to drool from afar.

15. I've been thinking about how we as artists avoid becoming a caricature of ourselves.

16. I may head over to Swords and Stilettos and put up a post.

17. We have a new manager on loan to our store for the next month.

18. She and I are not going to be friends.

19. This is because A) she thinks managing people means ordering others around while she refuses to lift a finger and B) she looks down on those doing the work she refuses to do.

20. I don't respond well to either one.

21. She knows that now.

22. =D

23. Reader Question: What's the most interesting job you've ever held?


  1. To date?

    Teaching English as Second Language in the Dominican Republic.

  2. It was the most interesting, but the worst job I had.

    I was a relay operator for the deaf and hard of hearing. The conversations I heard would make some people's hair curl.

  3. My very first grown-up job was in a psychiatrist's office, and his patients would often try to save time and money by unburdening themselves to me, in the office or over the phone. Usually just sad. Too often downright scary.

    Terrible working situation, but the most amazing boss ever (considerate, appreciative, generous---I could go on for hours). I was distraught when he retired. Now I blame him for all my job dissatisfaction problems because no one could ever live up to the standard he set. *sob*

  4. Far from interesting, I did survive "The Godforsaken Cookie Hell" in high school.

  5. I've had fairly boring jobs, though I have to say out of them being the assistant to the State Weed Coordinator was fun.

    (and no not pot :D weed as in crab-grass and dandelions and such)

    We used to get into regular Nerf rocket fights on Friday afternoons and once he contemplated chasing me through the office with a baseball bat - there was a seminar on violence in the workplace that day. (we decided some people might not find it amusing :D)


  6. None of the jobs alone seem particularly interesting, but the WHOLE of the jobs I've held might count... I have worked: at Morrow's Nut House (really), as a towel girl at a health club, as a marketing assistant for snooty hair products, as a marketing person for the most pathetically named product: Char Crust (really), as a giant lobster handing out lobster coupons, as a giant chicken handing out (yes) chicken coupons, as a life guard, as Scary Carrie in a haunted house, as a waiter (many times), as a Toy Soldier, as Santa Claus, as a temp in 90000 different places, as a secretary, and now... as a teacher and actor. 999 Things You Can Do With a Liberal Arts Degree.


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