Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Must. Stop. Twitch.

I swear there aren't enough hours in the day to make finishing my To Do list even a remote possibility. I'm hoping my laptop will be fixed and in my hot little hands again tomorrow night so my Internet-free mornings will be a thing of the past.

Today my right eye developed a twitch. Most annoying. I chalk this development up to the following things:

1. Being without my laptop since Friday night thus causing me to be unable to access my submission packet for Shadowing Fate, fix my SF synopsis, dive into my previously brainstormed ideas for Twisting Fate, do critiques on material saved on my laptop, blog daily, or answer email consistently as the hours I have slotted and available for online time are in the morning when my hubby has his own laptop with him at work.

2. The woman who walked up to me at work and informed me that she'd had "the diarrhea" and I would need to go clean the bathroom.

3. Every single person who thinks joking with their waitress about not wanting the check is somehow unique or funny.

4. My boys who unfailingly remember to save their video games to a memory card but can't recall the basic rules of the house. Like don't stuff dirty socks behind your bed. And always take your shoes off before going to sleep for the night. And do not, under ANY circumstances, flush objects that did not originate from your body.

5. My upcoming Friday in which I will be on my feet at work from 8:45 in the morning until about 10 at night.

6. The man I tried to seat at a table today who kept a running commentary on the daily special (chicken pot pie) because he didn't like chicken or pie and thought I would somehow be fascinated by his ridiculously loud discourse on the faults of each. I wasn't. FYI...I don't give a flip what you can or can't eat, what you do or don't like to eat, or what you had the previous day that precludes you from ordering a similar item within a 24 hour period. I really don't. Just order and eat. That's it. Order. And. Eat.

7. My friend who now has a pet goat IN HIS HOUSE, for Pete's sake, and insists on showing me pictures. Today, he was less than enamored of his little piece of sunshine because the goat, assured of her welcome in her new environment, has reverted to her true nature and is now eating everything in site and slamming her head into the household's occupants at the most inopportune moments. You will not be surprised to learn that I warned him this would happen.

Things that are working hard to cure my eye twitch:

1. My boys who, despite their proven streak of testosterone-induced insanity, are loving, creative, and always happy to see me.

2. My hubby who is always my biggest fan.

3. My cat who has proven herself to be infinitely better than a goat.

4. The fact that my hubby and I are taking a quick overnight trip to Chicago next month on someone else's dime (love the perks of his job!).

5. Good writing I've read recently from two of my Pixies: Keli Gwyn and Kerry Allen.

What I need to accomplish after I get my laptop back:

1. Clean up SF's synopsis and send out more submission packets.

2. Finish critiques for Erin and Katy.

3. Loosely plot TF and start writing.

4. Finish my Get Me Started blog entries.

It's late. I'm going to find the motivation to get out of this over-sized comfy chair and haul myself up to bed. What's on your To Do list this weekend?


  1. Yay on the request for another full that I read about on Twitter. You're on a roll.

    Thanks for the nice words about my wip--and thanks for the great feedback.

  2. To Do List? Oh crap, I knew I was forgetting to do something.

    Aside from attending a CD release party on Friday for The Bollox (similar to Flogging Molly) where I will unveil a new shirt designed by moi (the ink, not the actual shirt), and work on yet another WIP after finishing Dusk of Death and sending it off to Siobhan for editing, and make some new designs to print on shirts, and put together a business plan for Phenix Ink and kindread clothing (my new business ventures), and workout (doctor's orders), and attempt to write something along the lines of a short story for my critique group that will meet in a few weeks, once filming has ceased on Middle Men, and attempt to find you some cheap Manolos, and... Oh wait, you said "weekend," didn't you? Well, most of that will be done over the weekend. =p Aside from that, I really have nothing to do and may be bored out of my skull. hehe

  3. Oo you're reading RA aren't you? I'll look forward to diving back into that in pieces while I'm working on CZ. (which is going to be so much better than the original I'm glad I didn't waste your time having you read it!)


  4. Keli - I owe you so much great feedback, I'll be highlighting blue and pink text for the next several months to balance the scales. :)

    Jinx - Hello, Sister Over-achiever. Good luck with the new biz ventures! What do you do with your spare time? (I know, I know...WHAT spare time, right?)

    Katy - I am indeed and your incredible patience with my recently writing binge is much appreciated. =)

  5. Spare time... HA! And people wonder why I'm up till 4am!

  6. Hmm this weekend. Dinner with my future in-laws who are in town from Colorado.


    Making peanut brittle, maybe fudge and chocolate cookies as well in preparation for Thanksgiving.


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