Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Can Take My Dad's Money! I Promise!

1. In case you missed the post below this one (the one with ALL CAPS FOR A TITLE), Shadowing Fate is finished and in the hands of the agents who requested it.

2. I did heavy revisions, mostly because a really cool (and very twisted) plot idea came to me--one that would carry through the entire series--and I had to go back and work it in.

3. The end product is hands down the best work I've ever done. I'm so excited to share it with others!

4. I wrote like a crazy woman this weekend with literally about 10 hours of sleep over the course of three days.

5. *wanders off to collapse*

6. This weekend, I'm teaching a Query Writing workshop at my local RWA chapter meeting, so I'm going to start pulling together material for that.

7. In March of 2009, I'll be teaching an online week long course in query writing, so will pull from much of the same material.

8. I think hands-on learning is best, so my workshops are geared toward making sure everyone leaves with a working query letter they can immediately send out.

9. I got my shipment of candy to review on this blog and will be selling my so ... er ... blogging about it soon.

10. My house looks like I spent all weekend writing.

11. My kids have rediscovered their love of Lincoln logs after finding a box of the things hidden ... I mean, kept in their sister's closet.

12. I've rediscovered why I hid the box in the first place.

13. It hurts to step on chunks of wood at night in your bare feet.

14. Daredevil recently campaigned for president at his school. Every kid in his class had to put together some sort of campaign, complete with promises.

15. Daredevil did a video, shot at home, where he wandered around our house promising all the things he would give anyone who voted for him (he has yet to embrace the concept that a true leader doesn't have to bribe others to vote for him).

16. Among the items promised to his voters: chocolate drinking fountains at school, all the money in his dad's wallet (Ah. A true politician! Bribe your voters without using your own money!), every game system we own, and the cat.

17. We'll see how successful he is.

18. I'd love to type more, I really would, but my eyes are crossing (even though I slept last night) and I think a nap is in my near future.

19. Reader Question: Do you ever attend book signings? Why or why not? What would make you go?


  1. One time, my sister-in-law angered me, and my revenge was buying my nephew Legos.

    She hasn't walked without a limp or spoken to me since.

    RQ: Never been to any sort of author event. Because there's, like, PEOPLE there. Ew. I have one autographed book and a homemade autographed bookmark. Both were mailed to me, which is the upper limit of the author-reader interaction for me.

    (Actually, scribbling on books kind of makes me cringe, I don't care who does it. Noooooo, don't deface the precious!)

  2. Congratulations, CJ! What a wonderful feeling to have your baby finished and in the hands of an agent. And to feel it's really GOOD.

    Keeping fingers crossed that they love it and offer a big fat contract!


  3. *laughs* I love your boys.

    I would attend a book signing given that I a) really enjoyed the book or b) knew the author. As neither of those things have happened in my area I haven't been to one yet.


  4. I've been to some of people I adored from afar and some of people I adored from anear. Honestly, I like the combo reading/signings more than the readings. Just the autograph makes me feel self-conscious and teenagery. Unless it was like... David Sedaris or Stephen Colbert or something... in which case I would be teenagery.
    And scribbling on books? You'd HATE me, KerryA. The books I truly love end up covered in writing- questions, insights, underlining... It's how I show the book love. And one reason I think a Kindle would never really work for me.

  5. Kerry - I love interacting with other authors at conferences and workshops, but I haven't gone to a booksigning either. However, as my friends get published, I've decided to devote some shelf space to Pixie-signed books!

    Sue - Thanks! =)

    Katy - Yeah, that's about my criteria. Hmm...YOU can come do a book signing in Nashville and I can come do one in Colo Spgs and then we'll both be happy!

    Danielle - I don't usually mark my paperbacks, but I'm a big underliner, notes in the margins kind of girl. I'm unsure about a Kindle too, but a friend of mine says you can highlight passages, bookmark pages, and do a whole manuscript search to find the quote you want, so that's something.

    Still, I love to hold a book.

  6. I agree with WandererInGray as per why/when I would attend.
    And I've been to quite a few.
    Including my...well, my own. ;)

  7. I have never actually been to a book signing. One, because people are creepy. Two, because creepy people in lines tend to step into my personal space bubble. Third, I have nothing further to add to this lmao.

  8. I'm a little behind the game here (call it a form of jetlag from the weekend and incredible amounts of homework that are quite alarming when I stop to think about them...), but CONGRATULATIONS! A completed MS is a wonderful thing, especially when you have agents waiting in the wings for it. I cried when I finished the first one, cheered when I finished the second, and would give my firstborn to work on completing the third, but that dratted aforementioned homework...

    Indeed, I have attended book signings, but not in years. And as nomadicdragon said, people are creepy and are space-invaders. I don't like crowds, and book signings...oy. Instant jerks, just add book signings (or Wal-Mart, or Lowe's). It would have to be a fantastic, cherished author or a personal friend for me to go to one again. I don't know if I'll even show up for my own should I ever get published...LOL


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