Friday, December 5, 2008

Beware the Pigeon Mafia

1. What?? It's already Friday?

2. *shakes head*

3. With so much time spent off my feet this week (due to a pulled tendon in my arch...ouch!), I don't feel like I've accomplished nearly enough.

4. I did, however, read a few books, and that's always a good use of time.

5. Want to do something to support the publishing industry and your favorite authors this month? (Plus be nice to your wallet?)

6. Give books as your gift of choice to coworkers, in-laws, children, your favorite stiletto-wearing blogger...books!

7. Not only are they inexpensive (I totally dig the less than $7 paperbacks!), every sale bolsters the industry, lessens the impact of returns (bookstores sending back unsold books), and sends a message of confidence to the publishers who then turn around and renew contracts and offer new deals to debut authors.

8. So go buy a book. Don't make me loose my Pigeon Mafia on you.

9. Didn't know I had a Pigeon Mafia, did you?

10. That's because no one ever lives to spread tales.

11. Last night, I hosted a Guy's Night for my hubby's birthday: football, a nacho bar, poker, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, Guitar know, guy stuff.

12. Paul came.

13. He brought his new Beretta (which I totally loved and think I should own).

14. Alas, despite his gun and his tough-guy attitude, he went home without Juan Pedro.

15. This is because JP hid in the one place Paul wouldn't dare breach.

16. My boys' bathtub.

17. Yes, just past the infamous Toilet of Mass Destruction, camouflaged by a cheerful blue and yellow ducky shower curtain, Juan Pedro, the Metallic Merchant of Death, lurked.

18. He's still mine.

19. Pictures go up next week.

20. Reader Question: If one of your dreams could come true this Christmas, which would you ask for? (Let's just take "world peace" off the table and make it more personal.)


  1. "Toilet of Mass Destruction" lmao

    My dream is to have my house paid off so I can do waht I want with my time instead of working 50 hours a week.

    And is it just me, or is Paul letting you get away with an awful lot without saying one word about it on the blog? You finally scared him into silence, didn't you?

  2. Heh. I wish I had to work a mere 50 hours a week.

    Back in my gun-ownership days, I had a Beretta, and it remains my weapon of choice when I can get to the firing range. Just the right amount of wallop while remaining chick-friendly.

    I'd wish for more time to do what I want, but I've read The Monkey's Paw. I WISH FOR NOTHING. I AM PERFECTLY CONTENT. THANK YOU.

  3. *falls over laughing* Hee, poor Paul.

    The one thing I want? *laughs* You know what it is already.


  4. I don't think Paul wants Juan Pedro back.

    My dream is to have a baby. :)


  5. Or maybe I am saving everything in the back of my mind til the time is right to...strike.


  6. To see Starshine, Daredevil, and Scientist on Christmas morning - oh yeah - and to see their parents, too! (Tee Hee) - CR


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