Sunday, January 18, 2009

Come In To My Parlor

Said the spider to the fly...

(Please note that I was going to put a picture of a Black Widow up with this post. I googled it, found several that were appropriate, but just couldn't overcome my ingrained ICK response enough to have a spider pic on this blog.)

Conversation I recently overheard:

Starshine: Hey! Did you know that spiders eat their babies?

Daredevil: What?? Gross.

Scientist: Only the Black Widow eats her kids.

Daredevil: What kind of mother does that?

Starshine: A hungry one. When spiders are starving, they eat their babies.

Daredevil: That's just wrong.

Scientist: Maybe they don't eat all of them. Just one or two to fill them up.

Starshine: Hey. You don't think Mom would ever do something like that to us, do you?

Small silence ensues.

Daredevil: Probably not.

Scientist: I don't think so...

Another small silence ensues.

Scientist: Wait! No, no she wouldn't. Know why?

Daredevil: Because she keeps the pantry full of food in case she gets hungry so she isn't tempted to eat her children?

Scientist: Well, yes, there is that. But I meant that she doesn't let us eat sugar and bad stuff so she obviously isn't fattening us up for a good dinner.

Starshine: Well, if she ever changes her mind, we should split up and run for it. We're faster than she is.

Guess this nixes my plan to dress up as a spider and creep up behind them ... I really can't afford the therapy bills.


  1. Know what else eats their babies?


    Traumatized me for life.

    And when Angelic Daughter wanted a hamster, I shared my baby-eating-hamster story and traumatized her for life, too.

    'Cause I'm a good mom like that.

  2. Sometimes that's the only way to get through to them. =D

  3. That is freakin' hilarious! I can barely see the screen through all the tears running down my face! =)


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