Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday's Hit List

Here are a few announcements/opportunities for those of you pursuing publication:

1. Genreality, a blog run by a group of best-selling authors who span several genres, opened today. The authors describe their blog as follows:

Do you want to know where ideas come from? Or what a day-in-the-life is like? What about how a person can beat back their doubts and insecurities to become a best-selling author, or how to take your ideas and make tangible stories out of them?

If you want an honest look at what it’s like to make a living as an author, and how these authors get the job done, then GENREALITY is the place to be.

Get to know these best-selling authors as they share not only their ups and downs of living the dream, but tips and advice on how you can too.

2. There are several acceptable ways to handle a negative review of your work. Urging the editor to commit suicide isn't one of them.

3. Posted w/permission:

We all know the hardest part of being published is to grab the interest of an editor. Well, here's your chance to get your foot in the door.

Break up the winter doldrums with a contest from the Casablanca Authors
and our Acquiring Editor Deb Werksman!

Deb will make her monthly visit to the Casablanca Authors on Thursday, January 29th.

The Casa Authors invite you to submit a 50-word pitch for your book in the comment section of Deb's blog. If we like yours the best, Deb will request your full manuscript and provide feedback. Two runners up will be asked to submit a synopsis to Deb. As an added extra, several of the Casa Authors have offered critiques of a first chapter and synopsis (up to 50 pages) to selected runners-up!

What is Deb Looking For?

Single title romance (series/trilogies too!) in all sub-genres:




*romantic suspense

*erotic romance

minimum 90,000 words, please

*a heroine the reader can identify with

*a hero she can fall in love with

*a world is created

*a "hook" Deb can use to sell the book in 2-3 sentences

Contest Rules

*The contest will run from 12:01 a.m. on January 29 and end at noon on January 30. All pitches must be entered into the comments section of Deb's blog by noon on Jan. 30. No pitches may be emailed to the blog, to individual authors or to Deb. Emailed pitches will be automatically disqualified.

*Please enter pitches ONLY for finished, polished manuscripts that are at least 90,000 words in length. No works in progress please.

*Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 14 on the Casablanca Authors blog. No individual messages will be sent to winners. The winner and runners up have until 5 p.m. on Monday, February 16 to send the full manuscript/and or requested synopsis to Deb's assistant Lisa Acosta at lisa.acosta@ sourcebooks. com. If the winning MS is not received by the deadline, a runner up will be chosen. Deb will respond within
three to four weeks. Critique runners up will be notified as to how to proceed.

*Decisions of the judges (Deb, our publicist Danielle, and the Casa Authors) are final.

*Winning this contest does not in any way constitute a guarantee of publication or further consideration by Sourcebooks Casablanca.

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