Monday, February 2, 2009

Hallo! ... blah, blah, blah ... Prepare to die!

1. Stephen King's ON WRITING is an excellent book.

2. Some days, writing feels like pulling submerged logs out of a swamp--each word sunk in a mire of sludge.

3. Today, despite the fact that I got up at 5 a.m. to write, is one of those days. *sigh*

4. Haven't hit my goal for the day yet, but I will.

5. I have an insane to do list since this is my one "free" day.

6. Best sentence I wrote today: The waters of the East River bubbled and seethed as a molten ribbon of viscous black bled toward its surface.

7. Worst sentence I wrote today: ... Ha! Already deleted.

8. Even though I didn't truly care who won the SuperBowl (I rooted for the Cardinals since they were the underdogs), it was an exciting game.

9. I find it amusing that Facebook has ads saying "Get Your Stimulus Check" as if the government is eagerly waiting to cut Joe Taxpayer a check for thousands of dollars.

10. The Scientist's birthday is Thursday so I need to go present shopping today.

11. Fortunately, he only wants cheap things like professional skateboards and digital camcorders. Oy.

12. My children discovered that Starshine's new trampoline just fits in the doorway between our upstairs hall and our family room.

13. The new game is to race down the hall, hit the trampoline, and launch oneself into the family room.

14. With luck, you won't slam into a wall and be thrown against the couch, though even that rarely slows them down.

15. I'm just hoping they remember to move the trampoline at night so I don't launch myself into the emergency room by checking on kids while the lights are out.

16. Yes, I know I could turn the hall light on and avoid any problems, but when you're yanked suddenly out of deep sleep by the sound of a child in need, your brain doesn't register practical details.

17. It needs all its cells focused on deciding whether the sound you heard was the gagging cough that precedes the imminent arrival of a bedspread full of vomit.

18. It seems to me that every year advertisers make less and less truly funny Superbowl commercials.

19. I give Doritos the top prize this time around. The crystal ball was my favorite.

20. Reader Question: Who is your favorite comedic actor/actress of all time? Yes, you can pick more than one.


  1. hmm... my original comment disappeared but...

    Robin Williams or John Cleese, hell, all of the guys of Monty Python fame.

  2. Frankly, I'm a little disturbed that you "blah blah blah"ed Inigo Montoya's famous line. And I couldn't see the connection the post to even account for the use of it, let alone the "injustice."


  3. My vote has to go to Dick Van Dyke if you want all time greatest.

    Peter...I'm sure you didn't mean your comment to sound like you are in a position to chide C.J. on what she chooses to do with her blog, right? Because that would be disturbing.

  4. I'm going to represent for the ladies, here, and say Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin, Madeline Kahn, Gilda Radner -- those women can do NO wrong in my book! Funny and can act, too!!


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