Monday, April 27, 2009

Spaz, I Tell You!

1. Getting up at 4:30 a.m., while productive, makes me feel like I should be halfway through my day by 9 a.m.

2. Daredevil will probably be a writer when he grows up.

3. I say this because he's been writing novels (and wondering aloud at my astounding lack of progress when he can complete five a day and I can't) for several years.

4. And because he asks me if I understand what it feels like to look around a public place and pretend to be the other people I see.

5. And because he walks by a restaurant doorway lit with green neon and exclaims loudly, "Beware! The Green Door of Doom!"

6. I think we may have misnamed our new kitten.

7. We call her Samantha (actually, we call her Sam or Sammy) but truly, she should be a Spaz.

8. She talks constantly and if she doesn't receive the proper reply (hard to know what that is...imitating her seems to be the WRONG button to push), she begins meowing with the kind of volume and ferocity rarely seen in the feline species.

9. Also, she has a thing for chewing on ears.

10. And for deciding that NOW is the time to pet kitty. Never mind that NOW is 3:15 a.m. Pet or be masticated. Your choice.

11. Last week I struggled through the ending scenes of SF (revisions) and finally decided that the character giving me so much trouble would have to be in a dead faint, her mouth firmly shut, so that I can finish this scene in peace.

12. And so, this morning she fainted dead away and will not be revived soon enough to recover her powers of speech before I type The End.

13. That'll teach her.

14. Have a Super Secret Project idea that must take second place to the hours devoted to the Fate series but is tugging at my brain nonetheless.

15. When did we start shoving the words "none" "the" and "less" together? Laziness? Conservation of spaces?

16. Fringe is getting better each week. I think I'm actually warming up to Anna what's-her-name, the lead actress.

17. Still, I watch for the treat that is John Noble's Walter Bishop.

18. No one has ever made the word "posit" sound so interesting.

19. And now, I must make like a Hobbit and get my second breakfast. The one from 5 a.m. is long gone.


  1. Way to show that character who's boss. Now, if only I could get Lumiel to faint...or have his tongue cut out, I'm not picky.

    Don't forget about elevensies.

  2. CJ,

    1. As a night owl, I applaud your ability to greet the world at 4:30 a.m. What willpower. The only time I see that hour is when a story has taken over and the characters wake me. Since I have so much fun capturing their chatter on screen, I forgive them.

    2. How cool that Daredevil is a writer too. Now when anyone comments on his behavior or unique pronouncements, you can just smile proudly and say, "Yes. Isn't it great? He's a writer."

    3. We have two cats. One's pretty mellow, although he has a dog gene and chewed more shoe laces than we can count. The other we've often said is a spaz cat. We learned early on that the brothers needed to sleep in the garage or we'd never get any peace.

    4. Wonder who it was who got so chatty at the end of Shadowing Fate that you had to have her faint in order to silence her. Creative solution.

    5. And I'm eager to see what you do with your Super Secret Project. I'm sure it will be awesome.

  3. "understand what it feels like to look around a public place and pretend to be the other people I see" - whoa! Excellent!

    And be careful of the story idea that's scratching your pad... don't let it take over before you finish what you're working on! (Or maybe, do.) [Said Peter from experience.]

    The time mentioned is sometimes bedtime for me.


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