Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upcoming Opportunities

A Cup of Comfort and Redbook Magazine are sponsoring the Silver Lining Story Contest.
Write a 1000-2000 words personal essay about finding comfort in today's tough times and you could win $1000 and publication in Redbook.

The deadline for entries is May 15. Read the guidelines here.

Enter my local RWA chapter's Melody of Love contest. We have some excellent judges lined up!


  1. I'm telling mom right now that even though I'm a seething pessimist, she entered the Golden Heart competition, so I can write about comfort in a crummy economy without including "52 Ways to Kill Yourself, an Instructional Pamphlet by Ang Dot."

  2. Oh, wait, never mind, I'M UNDER THE AGE LIMIT TO SUBMIT. So funny, I think I forgot to laugh. I'll see you in Purgatory, one-thousand dollars.


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