Monday, June 8, 2009

Essential Mom-Of-Boys Skill #27 -- Kung Fu

1. I didn't blog Fri-Sun. I didn't really Twitter. I barely answered email.

2. Why?

3. Because Clint was in L.A. for TNT's summer drama kickoff and I was here.

4. In my house.

5. With three boys.

6. The entire weekend was a cross between Mary Poppins and Apocalypse Now.

7. I'm still trying to recover.

8. The boys have a new game on the computer called Plants vs. Zombies.

9. It may be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

10. One of the levels is titled "All Your Brains Are Belong To Us" which just cracked me up.

11. No Zombie Goats on the game, though, but I guess the game-makers couldn't think of everything.

12. I've been busy working with my webmistress on the Fate Trilogy site and it's going to rock.

13. =D

14. Anyone looking for a fantastic YA author (paranormals written in gorgeous, liquid prose) should read Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver. Her earlier work--Lament--is amazing too.

15. Off to take Starshine to karate class. Hi-yah!


  1. All Your Brains Are Belong To Us! That's just amazing that they included that meme as a level.

  2. If you try to Karate Chop me at the theatre I won't share my popcorn.


  3. *crosses fingers and spins around in circles*

  4. Heather - You'd love this game. It's hysterical.

    Myra - Girl, I'm getting my own popcorn. And Death by Popcorn it shall be if you talk my ear off. Just saying.

    Katy - lol

  5. You give us writer moms hope that there is life after children! Sounds like an absolute lovely mess.

  6. #6 made me laugh so hard my Hubby yelled, "What's wrong?!" from upstairs.

  7. always love updates about the boys.

  8. I'm curious and excited about the website. I love that you have a "webmistress."

  9. Plants vs. Zombies! I'm actually familiar with that game, even though I haven't played it, because I'm a Gamespot junkie. I don't like strategy games, they make me feel stoopid.

  10. Good luck! It truly is a hurry up and wait kind of thing, but Holly's a great guide!

  11. I freakin' love your blog. Hill-air-Iye-us. (Say it like a yankee). Um? I'm going on vacay and am looking for a good read. Heard you wrote one. Wonder if you'll share?


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