Monday, June 15, 2009

More Random Than Usual

1. I'm guest blogging today on how to write an excellent hook. Go forth and comment.

2. Many of you know my not-so-secret ambition to one day take over the world using nothing more than stilettos, pickled okra, and my titanium spork.

3. Yesterday, Spastic Kitten proved beyond a doubt that all one needs for successful world domination is estrogen and mental instability.

4. If I were the curious sort, I might wonder at the half-eaten slice of pizza resting on my bathroom floor this morning.

5. Fortunately, having boys has cured me of that pesky "I'd like to get to the bottom of this one!" attitude and left me with a firm belief that ignorance is often the only way to get any sleep at night.

6. I've got all of the content for the Fate Trilogy website outlined and organized.

7. Now, I just have to write and/or gather it together.

8. Can't wait to show off the finished site!

9. Yesterday, while teaching Sunday school for three-year-olds, I overheard one little girl say to another, "Hey, let's play! I'll be Lady, you be the Tramp!"

10. I laughed for an inappropriate amount of time.

11. My sister sent me the movie "Clue" and we watched it Saturday night.

12. Definitely one of my all-time favorites. Some of the best subtle humor and one-liners in the history of movies.

13. Because my laundry pile has now officially joined the Evil League of Evil, I must soon take arms against it and teach it who's boss.

14. It's a nasty business, but I've got my secret weapon: Spastic Kitten.

15. This week, I'll be critiquing many, many pages for two CPs, working on the content for the website, and doing my best to bring you salient, informative, inspirational blog posts (like this one!) every day.

16. Now, I'd love to stay and chat but it's Laundry vs. C.J., Round One.

17. Let the mayhem begin!


  1. I absolutely adore Clue. I watch it about every 4 months. It is one of the best movies of all time. It has some of the greatest actors and actresses. You talking about this movie is going to make me go watch it again.

  2. Tell that laundry that if it hurts you so you can't read my pages I'll come out and hurt it.

    *dusts hands* :D That should keep it in line.


  3. Your post on writing hooks is great!

  4. Great! You go do laundry and I'll read your guest blog! :D Lazy, me? Doesn't want to make Caramel Apple Syrup for icecream? Nooo.

  5. Your guest blog was so good I PUT IT IN MY FAVORITES. Yes.

    ...It was like a Llamas vs. Pomegranate War. Fuzzy and...coarsely an epic battle to teach me literature beyond Demand Writings. (That made more sense in my head...well, actually, no it didn't but it sounds awesome, and that was the way I was attempting to convey your guest blog's awesomeness to YOU.)

  6. At least the pizza was on the floor and not in the toilet.

    Glad that you are enjoying owning Clue, considering the fact that you tried to steal my copy when you got married & packed up all your stuff. Just like you stole half of my sweaters when you left for college. Very sneaky.

  7. I haven't found pizza on the floor, but in the early morning, I have followed a trail of grapes from the kitchen to the sleeping offender.

    As one who is also fighting the evil laundry, I say fight the good fight and beware, it multiplies at night.


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