Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Alive! Probably.

1. Okay, I've been a bad blogger.

2. Working extra hours plus deep-cleaning my house short-circuited my brain.

3. Of course, it wasn't just all work and no play.

4. I did get to dress up and see the HP6 sneak peek Monday night and that was awesome.

5. Our whole family dressed up: Clint was a Death Eater, I was Minerva McGonagall (sort of), the Scientist was Harry Potter in his Hogwarts' robes, Daredevil was Ron Weasely, Starshine was Harry Potter in Quidditch get-up (w/broom), Myra came as Tonks and Myra's hubby (who isn't possessing whatever crazy gene makes the rest of us eager to wear costumes on non-Halloween nights) came wearing Tommy Bahama. We called him our Token Muggle.

6. I really enjoyed the movie. Being a book purist, there were a couple things I would have changed, but I was totally engrossed the entire time.

7. Now I need to go see it again to get past my first impression (Which was something along the lines of "Ooh. Aww. Yes!!") and see what I really think.

8. Wasn't impressed with the soundtrack on this one, though. :(

9. In an abrupt subject change, I have lost all respect for one of my sort-of neighbors.

10. I say "sort-of" neighbor because I don't know these people. They live a block away.

11. I drive past the house any time I head toward the interstate (which is nearly every day). I drove past them July 4th.

12. They had a Confederate flag flying instead of an American flag.

13. I find that incredibly offensive.

14. For one, this is a NATIONAL holiday. Putting up a symbol of southern pride/independence is inappropriate.

15. For another, the war is OVER. It's been over a century. Time to accept it and move forward already.

16. Also, I can't look at that flag without cringing on behalf of others who will see in that flag the oppression of their great-grandparents and the decades of hate and ignorance that followed.

17. So, yeah, I don't know who lives there and I don't want to. I seriously doubt our first meeting would go well what with their ignorance and my big mouth.

18. I've realized that Spastic Kitten is unable to purr.

19. I can tell when she's happy by body language and facial expression but she has never once purred. And yes, I've placed my hand against her throat to see if there are near-silent rumblings but there aren't.

20. I don't think that's normal but hey, this is Spastic Kitten. Normal isn't even on the playing field.


  1. Husband wants to see HP soooo bad. But I don't think he's gonna dress up LOL

    Post again would you. Its a nice distraction while sitting at dental office about to go into the death chair.

  2. One of my (7) cats hardly ever purrs; she didn't at all her first two years, then suddenly started in little bursts--which is all she does now. I wouldn't worry. ;-)

  3. Oh, and I'm with you 100% on the confederate flag issue--it's an insult and flying it is only a romantic gesture toward an unspeakable past.

  4. The second look is always the true test, especially if that look isn't in a theater. We were going to go tonight, but hubby was up for over 24 hours working and then loading up the trailer with best friend.

    And everyone knows the proper response to flying a Confederate Flag is a frag grenade through the front window.


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